Best Creative Portfolios of 2016

2016 was an eventful year for the creative. New trends emerged in photography, art, and design with creative minds pushing the boundaries across all domains. Minimalism as an underlying visual theme gained strength, interfaces got uncluttered and creatives around the world did not shy away from expressing their voice on real, burning issues on the minds of everyone. We, at Pixpa, were privileged to observe and work with creatives around the world and witness the best of works in photography, art and design.

Here’s our pick of the 50 best portfolios built on Pixpa in 2016:

Here are some of our favorites:

A Journey Inside

A Journey Inside, is a social documentation project on Iran, carried out through the sensitive lens of young Iranian photographers who sought to narrate parts of current challenges of Iran's complex and dynamic society.

The project team is comprised of Hossein Fatemi, Maryam Athari, Ali Kaveh and Alireza Ghoreishi; And the photographers: Bahar Aslani, Negin Kiani, Zahra Ostadzadeh, Mahya Rastegar, Hamid Akhlaghi, Hossein Heidarpour, Ali Tajik, Saeed Zeidi.

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Paul Raats - The Tokyo 2020 project

Paul Raats gives us a fascinating glimpse of what goes on behind the preparation of the world’s largest sporting event - The Olympics. Capturing the preparations, venues and the evolution of Tokyo as it gets ready for the Tokyo 2020 games. Paul’s photo stories on top athletes as they prepare for the Olympics shows the very interesting, inspiring and challenging journey that each athlete undertakes to win the gold for his or her country.

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Richard Coty - Urban Landscapes

Richard takes us to the suburbs of United States where the urban fabric is breaking down. Richard captures scenes of dilapidation, neglect and squalor that stand in a mute testimony for the better times gone by.

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Moe Zoyari - Refugees: Future Uncertain

Moe Zoyari frames a compassionate portrait of the refugee children emerging out of the European migrant crisis that started in 2015 and wherein over 1.3 million unauthorised foreign refugees have entered the European Union.

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Jolanda van Meringen - Mixed Media Works

Jolanda van Meringue’s is a Visual Artist whose mixed media works have various layers overlapping and merging to create a new alternate reality which is visually intriguing and surreal.

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What do you think about our picks of the top 50 portfolios of 2017 built on Pixpa? Share your comments and feedback.


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