Create a professional architecture portfolio website

Pixpa’s powerful, no-code website builder has everything an architect, an interior designer, or a Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager needs for a portfolio website, from showcasing high-resolution visuals such as technical drawings and 3D renderings to managing appointments with clients and potential employers.

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Конструктор сайтов без кода

Effortlessly customize your architecture portfolio website with Pixpaинтуитивно понятный конструктор веб-сайтов без кода.

Architecture Portfolio Templates

Choose from sleek, mobile-responsive website templates designed for architects.

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Повысьте свою заметность в Интернете и охватите целевую аудиторию с помощью встроенных функций SEO и маркетинга.

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Architecture Portfolio Website Made Easy

All-in-one architecture portfolio builder

Create your architecture portfolio website in seconds using Pixpa. Интуитивно понятные инструменты и гибкость дизайна делают Pixpa the best website builder for architects, interior decorators, interior designers, and BIM managers. Drag-and-drop tools, gorgeous website templates, and powerful features like client galleries, photo gallery apps, and marketing tools help create an architecture portfolio website to get noticed and stand out in the industry.

If you are serious about your architecture career, investing in a professional portfolio website is a surefire way to succeed. A well-crafted online architecture portfolio complements your printed or PDF portfolio, making your work instantly accessible to potential clients and impressing busy, coffee-fuelled recruiters. Pixpa empowers you to showcase your architectural brilliance and leave a lasting impression, acting as your virtual calling card and boosting your online visibility.

Made for architects

Drop-dead gorgeous, mobile-friendly templates designed for architects

It all starts with a perfect architecture portfolio template. Get inspired by browsing over 150+ fully customizable, responsive, and designer-made architecture portfolio templates. Simply choose the website template that truly reflects your brand and start editing your architecture portfolio website with ultimate design flexibility over your color palette, typography, and everything in between.


Раскройте свою творческую свободу

Перетаскивание инструментов

С легкостью создавайте любую страницу по вашему желанию с помощью сотен готовых макетов и блоков контента. Легко перемещайте, настраивайте и персонализируйте, добавляя свой уникальный штрих без единой строчки кода. Никакие плагины не нужны. Pixpa has everything built into it for ultimate flexibility. Focus on your architecture career, and let Pixpa займемся дизайном сайта.


Visually stunning galleries

Showcase your projects

Кредитное плечо Pixpa’s beautiful, visually striking galleries to display technical drawings, 3D renderings, theoretical plans, initial sketches, interior elevations, floorplans, or just about anything. Showcase your photos and videos at their best, from full-screen slideshows to lightbox pop-ups. Upload high-res images, brand them with watermarks, and control how they appear on any device. Easily embed video from YouTube and Vimeo. Choose from over 25 customizable options, from gorgeous, responsive grids to dynamic slideshows and beautiful scrolling galleries.


Interactive before & after sliders

Exhibit project transformation

Showcase your architectural transformation effortlessly using the Before After section in Pixpa’s drag-and-drop page builder. Simply upload before and after images of interior designs and decorations, choose from horizontal or vertical sliders, and let Pixpa create a captivating before-and-after experience. This allows potential clients to easily visualize the impact of your design, from concept to stunning realization.

Сюжетное повествование

Опишите свой творческий процесс

Кредитное плечо Pixpa’s dynamic page builder to write compelling bios, shed light on your technical skills and creative thought process using sketches and renderings, display testimonials, credit project partners like real estate agents, add contact info, and more. Customize your page sections to showcase rich visuals and in-depth descriptions to bring your story to life and highlight your unique talent. Fine-tune color palette, typography, logo, arrangement, and layout structure flexibly to ensure creative consistency in your design elements.


Расписание встреч

Управление бронированиями

Build a beautiful architecture portfolio website that gets you noticed by potential clients and employers. Simplify your workflow with online booking, automated confirmations, secure payments, and invoice management. Integrate apps like Square, Setmore, Simplybook, and AvailabilityCalendar to schedule and manage appointments.

Маркетинговые инструменты

Растут аудиторию

Supercharge your architecture portfolio website with built-in SEO tools to identify and target the right audience. Leverage social media integrations (think Instagram feed, Behance & Dribbble profiles, sketching sessions on YouTube, and more!). Boost engagement with marketing popups, announcement bars, and CTA buttons. Offer real-time chat via WhatsApp. Share your architecture journey with built-in blogging tools. Go global with multilingual capabilities and watch your audience flourish.


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доверяют top architects
по всему миру

Pixpa empowers architects to showcase their talent and land new gigs. Explore stunning architecture portfolio examples and award-winning designs created by your peers, such as landscape architecture, restoration, residence design, internal design, and more. Get inspired, find new perspectives, and unlock your creative potential.

Create an architecture portfolio website

How to create an architecture portfolio website with Pixpa

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  2. Выберите свой личный домен.
  3. Добавьте контент на свой сайт и структурируйте его так, как вы хотите. Ваша страница «О нас» и фотогалерея — хорошие отправные точки.
  4. Используйте встроенные инструменты SEO и маркетинга для привлечения посетителей и расширения вашей аудитории.
  5. Post a free trial, choose from our all-inclusive, affordable plans, and publish your architecture portfolio website.
  6. Чат с PixpaКруглосуточная служба поддержки онлайн, если у вас возникнут вопросы.

Start building your professional architecture portfolio website, the easy way!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How do I create an online architecture portfolio?

To create an online architecture portfolio, sign up for free on Pixpa, which offers customizable templates and design options that are explicitly suited for architects. Use the following steps:

  • Choose an architecture portfolio template: Select a clean, professional template that complements your architectural work.
  • Upload high-quality images: Showcase your projects with high-resolution images and videos.
  • Organize your content: Arrange your projects logically; consider categorizing them by style, size, or type.
  • Include detailed descriptions: Add brief descriptions for each project, noting the challenges, solutions, and outcomes.
  • Contact information: Ensure your contact details are easy to find and use a professional email address.

Войти Pixpa to explore various templates and features that can enhance your online portfolio's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

What makes a good architecture portfolio?

A good architecture portfolio is well-organized, visually compelling, and highlights your best work effectively. It should include:

  • Clean homepage: Build a simple and exciting homepage that acts as your architecture portfolio cover page.
  • Diverse projects: Show various skills and adaptability to different architectural styles.
  • High-quality visuals: Use clear, high-resolution images and 3D renderings.
  • Concise descriptions: Each project should have a succinct and informative description.
  • Process insights: Briefly describe your creative and technical process.
  • Personal touch: Include a short bio, CV, and a professional headshot to personalize your portfolio.

How many projects should I include in my architecture portfolio?

Include between 5 to 10 of your best projects. This range is enough to show your versatility and depth without overwhelming the viewer. Each project should display a unique skill or concept and reflect your architectural philosophy.

What should be in an architecture school portfolio?

An architecture school portfolio, also referred to as an architecture student portfolio or an undergraduate architecture portfolio, should include:

  • Academic projects: Highlight your school projects that show your foundation in architectural principles.
  • Personal projects: If applicable, include any self-initiated projects or competitions.
  • Process work: Show your development process through sketches, models, and revisions.
  • Technical skills: Demonstrate your proficiency with architectural software and model-making.
  • Artistic ability: Include freehand drawings or other art forms to communicate your design thinking.

How many pages should my architecture portfolio be?

An ideal architecture portfolio should be between 20 to 40 pages. This range allows you to showcase each project comprehensively but concisely, including visuals, descriptions, and essential documentation, without becoming tedious.

Do I need a portfolio for architecture?

Yes, a portfolio is essential for architects. It visually demonstrates your skills, design philosophy, and problem-solving ability to potential employers or clients. A well-crafted portfolio is crucial for career opportunities and educational advancements.

What is the best size for an architecture portfolio?

The best size for a printed architecture portfolio is A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches), allowing for detailed visuals and readable text. A better solution to the sizing dilemma is to switch to online architecture portfolios. For online portfolios, ensure that images are high resolution and scalable across devices, which Pixpa automatically accommodates.

Where can I post my architecture portfolio?

You can post your architecture portfolio on Pixpa, designed to showcase impressive creative work. Consider architecture-specific networks like Archinect or Behance to reach a broader professional audience.

Which software is best for architecture portfolio?

Software choices for creating an architecture portfolio include:

  • Адоб ИнДизайн: Ideal for layout and design, offering extensive control over page elements.
  • СкетчАп: Useful for creating 3D renderings of your projects.
  • AutoCAD: Essential for detailed architectural drawings.
  • Pixpa: Perfect no-code, portfolio website builder for compiling your digital portfolio and hosting it online with stunning, customizable templates designed for architects.

Each of these software tools has strengths that can enhance different aspects of your portfolio, whether it’s the design layout, the technical drawings, or the online presentation. For more details on setting up an impressive online portfolio, visit Pixpa.

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