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Take your blog to the next level by selecting from multiple layouts and setting the appearance of your blog page on the website. With fully customizable blog layouts, fine tune the visual elements of your blog such as text and image styles, banners, media embeds and much more.


How to start a blog

  1. Select a website template to showcase your blog.
  2. Add a blog page and customize the layout and design as per your preference.
  3. Start adding blog posts.
  4. Use the settings section to manage designs and banners for your blogs.
Pixpa is exactly the platform I was looking for. It contains everything I need as a portrait photographer, and the support is absolutely amazing!

Matt Fisher / Photographer

Pixpa is the best website for starters who wish to create a nice website and do not have any coding knowledge. Before choosing Pixpa, I tried over 16 website platforms and none were suitable for me.

Germaine / Architect

Outstanding designs for your blog

Explore the various website template options and make a statement with the template that best represents your brand. Customize it to match the visual style of your blog.


Add multiple blogs

Pixpa offers a lot of flexibility to publish your content on your website with the option of multiple blogs. Each blog comes with its own set of blog posts, tags, and layouts. Choose to get creative with it and easily add a second or a third blog whenever you need.


Schedule your blog posts

Publish your blog posts at the optimal time. Write posts at your convenient times and schedule them to go live whenever you decide.


Add customizable sidebar

With a customizable sidebar to your blog listing page or blog post or both, display several types of widgets like content blocks, social media, latest posts, and much more. You can customize and sequence these widgets as required to show up in the sidebar.


Get users to subscribe to your blog

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your blog by adding a subscription box in the customizable sidebar or using RSS feeds. Pixpa websites have built-in RSS feeds for all the blogs, and the RSS feed for each of your blogs is automatically generated. Add that link in the header or footer of your website as an icon, making it easy for the site visitors to follow your blog using feed readers.


Moderate your comments

Pixpa's built-in commenting system lets visitors interact with your blog posts and say what they want to say about your posts. Site owners can moderate their comments anytime and display only those comments they wish on their posts.

Managing a blog is easy when you learn how to do it.

Check out our resources, guides, and inspirations for creators.
Embed Images/Videos

Embed Images/Videos

Include images or videos in your blog posts to tell your story visually. With blog galleries, you can add a set of images under each blog post in addition to embedding images within your blog post. Add videos to showcase your testimonials and make your site an engaging experience for visitors.

Blog Authors

Blog Authors

Create blog authors and change the author manually to attribute a post to a different person or name. You will always have the choice to display the author's identity in your blog post. Add multiple author profiles to your blog to help readers connect to a blog post's writer.

Blog Authors

Structure Your Blogs

Use categories and tags to filter and sort your blog posts on your websites and make it easier for visitors to find content that interests them.

Blog Authors

Boost your blog post social shares

Enable social media widgets on your blog posts and let visitors share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social networks.

  • Ted VanCleave Pixpa Theme

    Ted VanCleave

    Photographer, Sculptor, Painter / United States

    “I've used a variety of website platforms over the years but Pixpa is by far the best. From their ease of use, well-designed eCommerce setup, well-designed themes, and unprecedented customer service. They've won my business on all fronts. Now I'm moving all of my websites to Pixpa. ”

  • Misty  Pixpa Theme


    Photographer / United States

    “Pixpa has the fastest turnaround time for responding almost instantly to any technical issues. I highly recommend Pixpa for an all-in-one website. It is very easy to make the website your own, use the online gallery, and even have an on-the-go gallery app for sharing with family and friends. Best of all you can even sell your prints on the same site as well!”

  • Matt Fisher Pixpa Theme

    Matt Fisher

    Photographer / Israel

    “Pixpa is exactly the platform I was looking for. It contains everything I need as a portrait photographer, and the support is absolutely amazing! ”

  • Nicki Cameron Pixpa Theme

    Nicki Cameron

    Photographer / United Kingdom

    “I'm so glad I found Pixpa. The platform was so easy to use, even for a non-techie like me. Whenever I was stuck, the help was on hand 24/7. Brilliant service & I'm delighted with my end product.”

  • John McDonald Pixpa Theme

    John McDonald

    Editor, / United States

    “Pixpa is a website builder that gives creative professionals an easy way to create an online space where they can show, share, and sell their creations. The platform emphasizes the customer experience and relies on feedback to continually innovate and improve its products.”

  • Pierre de Bellot Pixpa Theme

    Pierre de Bellot

    Photographer / United States

    “My experience with pixpa has been excellent! The interface is very easy to use and intuitive. The support offered has been outstanding with live support available and any issues resolved immediately. With Pixpa I have a complete solution for my photography business, with my portfolio, blog and client galleries with the ability to order print products. Highly recommended!”

  • Shamrock Studios - Bonnie Kelley Pixpa Theme

    Shamrock Studios - Bonnie Kelley

    Fine Art, Photography / United States

    “I have been very happy so far with Pixpa. The pricing is affordable for a small business, the appearance is professional, and their customer support is good. Would recommend Pixpa!”

  • Timothy James Pixpa Theme

    Timothy James

    Photographer / United States

    “Out of all the website builders, I found Pixpa to be the most user friendly. If I ever had a question, help was quick and efficient. Overall I'm very happy with the designs, customer service and ease of use that Pixpa provides.”

  • Steven K Photography Pixpa Theme

    Steven K Photography

    Photographer / Hungary

    “Pixpa is the only provider I found with all the features needed blended in one package. There are others who do this or that better, but all of them lacked some features I needed. Website, blog, client galleries - If you want everything in one platform, then Pixpa is the only way to go! And the support team is legendary! These guys actually know what they do and even better, they understand my questions!”

  • Perry Hambright Pixpa Theme

    Perry Hambright

    Photographer, Artist / United States

    “I went from no-site to pro-site in no time thanks to all the personal help from the Pixpa experts... often in real-time!”

  • Germaine Pixpa Theme


    Architect / Singapore

    “Pixpa is the best website for starters who wish to create a nice website and do not have any coding knowledge. Before choosing Pixpa, I tried over 16 website platforms and none were suitable for me.”

  • Eva Stawarczyková Pixpa Theme

    Eva Stawarczyková

    Photographer / Czech Republic

    “Beautiful websites, Easy to use, Optimised for mobile phones! Great website support with kind people! I am very satisfied with my Pixpa website.”

  • Brook Perryman Pixpa Theme

    Brook Perryman

    Graphic Designer / United States

    “I needed a new professional portfolio and found Pixpa to be very easy to use. I love all of the themes to choose from, and also love that everything can be customized. There are a lot of design choices, and it's all very easy to understand. Communication with the Pixpa team is fast, as they always respond quickly. Thank you, Pixpa!”

  • Eddy Densow Pixpa Theme

    Eddy Densow

    Photographer & Designer / United States

    “Pixpa was the first site I used to create my photography portfolio and it has worked out great. You guys keep up with designs, accessibility, and support. Keep up the good work!”

  • Anudeep Mathur Pixpa Theme

    Anudeep Mathur

    Photographer / India

    “I subscribed to Pixpa last year, after doing a bit of research on the web and going through one of my friends' portfolio, the power packed designs and simple to use tools are the key in maintaining great portfolio website on Pixpa, the SEO compatibility is awesome! and the way support team help in solving issues is really commendable. The recent designs and portfolio themes are class leading and brilliantly crafted. Highly recommend pixpa to artists or any individual willing to showcase their creativity on the internet”

  • Amely Pierre Pixpa Theme

    Amely Pierre

    Photographer / United States

    “I moved to Pixpa because it offers everything in one place. I have my website as well as the client galleries with the ability for my customers to purchase products with Stripe. It saves me a lot of time and money.”

  • Biniam Ghezai Pixpa Theme

    Biniam Ghezai

    Photographer / Spain

    “When I reach out to Pixpa about helping me fine tune my site, there’s always someone available to answer my questions. I usually get a response and my issues resolved within 23 hours, which is about the amount of time I’m willing to work on any given task before I call it quits.”

  • Sean Garrity Pixpa Theme

    Sean Garrity

    Site Manager / Hosting Advice

    “Pixpa provides everything professional photographers need to showcase their work, navigate the client proofing process, start an online store, and more.”

  • Lucy Davis Pixpa Theme

    Lucy Davis

    Top 10 Website Hosting / UK

    “Pixpa offers a comprehensive all in one online solution for creative professionals to showcase their collections. Their platform is easy to use, requires no technical expertise and has a wide range of features, created specifically for today’s creative professional.”

  • Asad Mehmood Pixpa Theme

    Asad Mehmood / Editor

    “Pixpa caters the most affordable yet responsive website building services for photographers, artists, portfolio sites, and eCommerce businesses. We, at HostingSprout, are really impressed by the offering.”

  • Annie Dai Pixpa Theme

    Annie Dai

    Author / Mock Plus

    “I have been using Pixpa for a long time and the support I get from the team is remarkable. I never faced any downtime nor have I seen any sort of bug. Pixpa is highly recommended to anyone looking for a great photography portfolio.”

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I've used a variety of website platforms over the years but Pixpa is by far the best. With their ease of use, well-designed themes and eCommerce setup, and unprecedented customer service, they've won my business on all fronts. Now I'm moving all of my websites to Pixpa.

Ted VanCleave / Photographer, Sculptor, Painter

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