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The all-new Pixpa is here

Gurpreet Singh - Author Gurpreet Singh on Sep 12, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that we have just launched an all-new version of Pixpa.

The new version not just sports a fresh, clean look - it's also more intuitive and powerful. The revamp makes managing your online presence on Pixpa easier and a lot more fun.

Here are some of the updates that the new Pixpa studio features:

- Completely revamped, fresh interface.
- A new dashboard with easy access to most used features.
- A new left sidebar navigation.
- Design section and Style Editor updated
- New interface to search and select fonts
- Desktop, tablet and mobile preview of your website in Design section
- Website section updated
- Easier and intuitive drag-and-drop for sequencing menu items
- Easier way to add store and client spotlight page to the website
- Easier way to add links (internal / external) to the site menu
- Clean new interface for Galleries
- Show or hide filenames in Gallery Image Manager
- New sorting options for images
- Revamped image properties interface
- Ability to edit image file names and accent colors.
- Proofing section is now Client Galleries
- Multi-select drag-and-drop in client galleries
- Upload TIFF images in client galleries
- WHCC print lab added for automated print orders
- Master login page introduced for client galleries
- Order search and filter added in store and client galleries
- Products filter and search added in store
- Improved My account section
- Stand-alone plans for client galleries introduced.
- Update credit card anytime
- Studio assets are now delivered over CDN to enhance performance.
- Several sections of the studio have been ajaxified.
- Better notifications across the studio
- And many more.

Do let us know your feedback.


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