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Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Effortlessly customize your portfolio with Pixpa's intuitive drag-and-drop interface – no coding needed.

Responsive Templates

Choose from a range of sleek, mobile-responsive templates tailored for showcasing UI UX designs.

SEO & Marketing Tools

Enhance your online visibility and reach your target audience with built-in SEO and marketing features.

Affordable Pricing

All-inclusive cost-effective plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Save time and money with Pixpa’s all-in-one platform. Build your website, sell your stuff & share work with clients. Grow your business online.


Everything You Need

All-in-one solution for UX Designers

Create stunning websites with Pixpa’s all-in-one, easy-to-use website builder with drag-and-drop capabilities. Leverage built-in online store, integrated blog, client galleries, and more. Pixpa’s customizable templates, preset layouts, and page blocks enable you to build your portfolio precisely how you want without writing a single code.


Everything You Need

Gallery Layouts Made for Projects & Case Studies

Get 25+ customizable gallery layouts like grids, slideshows, and scrolling options to showcase your visual media, such as images and videos. Whether you're a complete beginner or a web design professional, you can easily navigate creating a classy designer portfolio to showcase your skills.

Made for UI UX Designers

Templates that showcase your work in the best possible light

Start your Pixpa journey by selecting from over 150+ responsive and customisable templates that presents your work the way it is meant to be for a UI UX designer. Make it your own with our simple and powerful visual style editor. Play with it and customise using HTML editing and CSS overrides.

“Having used Squarespace, Wix, Adobe Portfolio and Wordpress - Pixpa’s portfolio website builder is blowing me away! It hits the perfect balance between ease of use & advanced functions.”

Paul Needham

Photographer & Sculptor, USA

Elevated Blogging Capabilities

Enhance your mobile website's user experience with Pixpa's Mobile Action Bar. This feature adds prominent call-to-action buttons, streamlining navigation and reducing decision fatigue for visitors. Minimize confusion and the risk of users leaving your site by guiding them with clear CTAs. The Mobile Action Bar is a straightforward solution to improve conversions, making it easier for mobile users to engage with your site and respond to your prompts.

Protect your work with passwords

Protect sensitive content with passwords and control who has access.

Client Galleries

Showcase, share, proof, sell, and deliver your designs to clients with an accessible digital workflow.

Embed anything

Maximize your website's potential with Pixpa's Smart Embeds. Effortlessly incorporate videos, maps, or social feeds, enriching your portfolio with diverse, engaging content. Ideal for artists and designers, this feature elevates your site into a dynamic showcase of multimedia creativity

Marketing tools

Grow your audience and take your brand to the next level with Pixpa’s built-in SEO, Marketing Popups, Announcement Bar, Mobile Information Bar, app integrations, social media integration, and more.

Why do you need a UI UX portfolio?

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    Improve visibility
    Firstly, as a UI UX designer, you want to stand out and ensure others can find you.
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    Showcase your best work
    A portfolio website showcases your available work and proof of your skills. Examples of who you worked with, tools & techniques used, high-fidelity and low-fidelity mockups, prototypes, wireframes, user research, user persona, etc., can go a long way.
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    Land interviews and freelance projects
    Most recruiters evaluate you based on your portfolio. They will review your portfolio to understand whether you can fit their desired position. It also advertises your skills and processes, and potential clients may find you through your portfolio.
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    Staying relevant in your career
    Keeping your UI UX design portfolio up-to-date will force you to evaluate your recent achievements. This provides an opportunity to reflect on your career achievements and sharpen your focus to stay on track.
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    It can help you show your professionalism and dedication to the craft better and more clearly than your CV. You get to show actual cases and examples of work that speak volumes of your worth. You can show your mature and sophisticated approach.
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How to create a UI UX portfolio website with Pixpa
  1. Start a 15-day free trial and pick a template that matches your style.
  2. Edit your menu items and customise your website header.
  3. Manage your website’s font styles and colors.
  4. Edit your website pages using drag-and-drop website builder. Add an online store, start a UI UX designer blog, use client galleries, and do much more.
  5. Using footer, add important links and customize its appearance.
  6. Once the website setup is complete, go live. Start your subscription when you are ready by choosing from our all-inclusive, affordable plans.
  7. Connect your custom domain.
  8. Leverage Pixpa’s built-in marketing tools to grow your audience
Embed Images/Videos

Tip 1


Leverage your portfolio’s homepage to briefly introduce yourself, mention some career highlights, links to case studies, and big companies or projects.

Embed Images/Videos

Tip 2


Your UI UX portfolio website should have simple navigation to allow potential clients and employers find everything about your quickly including work history, about, contact, and resume.

Embed Images/Videos

Tip 3

About page

Your about page must contain one or two photos of yourself and three paragraphs at the most.

You can include a brief intro, why chose UI UX design as a career path, your work ethic, and your aspirations. You can also mention career highlights, big projects or companies, and awards in bullet points so that visitors can easily scan and take a look at important pieces.

Embed Images/Videos

Tip 4

Contact page

Keep your contact page as minimal as possible. A contact form with full name, email, message would be good. Keep email and contact number in your PDF resume to avoid getting spammed.

Embed Images/Videos

Tip 5

Links to work history and samples

Upload your resume in PDF. Put a link in the main navigation, about page and footer.

Include UI UX design-related social media links such as:

Medium (If you write about UI UX design)

Embed Images/Videos

Tip 6

Case studies

Include at least 3-4 UI UX design case studies in your portfolio highlighting some of your best work and displaying the type of design work you want to get hired to do.

Your UI UX case study should show your design process and how you approach design problems. It show depict your role in the project, each step in the design process and screenshots or other relevant graphics.

Pixpa-powered UI UX design portfolios to inspire you

Explore more examples

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a good UI UX designer portfolio?

Pixpa lets you build a beautiful UI UX designer portfolio website without the use of any code. You can showcase, share or even start selling work in minutes!.

What should a UI UX design portfolio include?

Your UI UX designer portfolio should include wireframes, photos, mockups and other supporting content to demonstrate that you have solve real-wrold design problems. Pixpa’s built-in templates, client galleries, ecommerce galleries, photo gallery app, etc. lets you showcase your work in the best possible light.

Why is online portfolio important for UI UX designers?

Having a portfolio helps UI UX designers to show a glimpse into their skill set and work experience. It can help both hiring managers and potential clients to understand your style of work and approach you if it fits their requirements.

How much does it cost to build a UI UX portfolio website?

You can start creating your website from as low as $3.60 per month on Pixpa.

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