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Why do you need a fashion designer portfolio?

Social media platforms go only so far in helping you market yourself. If you are looking for personalization and professionalism, what you need is your own professional fashion website.

Irrespective of your particular niche, your professional fashion website could be your first step to leveling up your career. A well designed fashion designer portfolio website empowers fashion designers and stylists to showcase their portfolio, sell products and collections online and share design concepts and ideas.

Get inspired by these stunning examples of the best fashion portfolio websites.

Get inspired by these amazing fashion design portfolio examples

Looking for some inspiration? Check out beautiful fashion online portfolio websites by top fashion industry professionals, built on Pixpa.

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Pixpa offers you everything you need to create your online fashion portfolio website

Pixpa’s all-in-one portfolio website builder empowers fashion designers, stylists, photographers, models and creators to showcase, share and sell their work online, easily without any coding knowledge.

Top 25 reasons to choose Pixpa to build your fashion portfolio website

Stand out with stunning
fashion portfolio website templates

Start with professionally designed online fashion portfolio website templates that fit your site & style. Make it your own with our simple & powerful visual style editor. Customize further with HTML editing and CSS overrides.

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Build your fashion portfolio website easily

Follow these 4 steps to create your online fashion design portfolio website.

  1. Pick your fashion website template

    Choose from professional, responsive fashion portfolio website templates tailored to meet your requirements. Customise all visual elements easily to create your unique style.

  2. Add your content

    Add pages to your fashion portfolio website menu using Pixpa’s drag-and-drop website builder. No coding required.

  3. Add the features you need

    Expand your online fashion portfolio website’s capabilities. Add a clothing online store, start a blog, use client galleries, and do much more.

  4. Promote your fashion portfolio website

    Use Pixpa’s built-in SEO, marketing and social tools to grow your traffic and convert visitors to customers.

How to create
your fashion website?

Creating your own online fashion portfolio website doesn’t have to be complicated. Build your professional fashion website easily without touching a line of code with Pixpa’s intuitive drag and drop builder. You can easily add stunning galleries, videos, forms, and pages to structure your website the way you want. Create a full-featured online store to sell your work, services and digital downloads like a pro.

Here are 10 expert tips to guide you on how to build your fashion website.

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Have a clear vision

What every fashion online portfolio needs is a clear set of goals. Your website can be whatever you want it to be. But you need to know what you want it to be. What do you want your fashion website to look like? What do you want your visitors and potential employers to see when they land on your website?

It all boils down to creating an impression. You want a website that can create the best possible impression for you.

Understanding your specific niche within the industry can be helpful in this regard. A model website will look and work differently from a fashion design website. A fashion stylist and a fashion photographer both need a fashion portfolio but their portfolios will work differently. Doing your research can be helpful in this regard. Checking out some fashion portfolio examples is always a great idea.

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Know your audience

Knowing your audience is an essential component of website building. You don’t want a simple general purpose website. You want a website that contributes to your career and adds value to your life. You want your fashion portfolio website to impress the right people.

What kind of an audience are you looking to work with? If you have given some serious consideration to the vision you have for your website, this question shouldn’t be too hard to answer. You must have heard the phrase ‘Dress for the job you want’. Well, in the same vein, you need to design a website for the audience you want.

A fashion design website should enable you, as a fashion designer, to promote, market and sell your designs. Build a fashion website optimized to attract not just a lot of attention, but the right kind of attention.

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Choose the right fashion portfolio website template

Look for clean, easy to navigate and fast-loading website templates to ensure the best user experience. Your website should look good and load well on both desktop and mobile screens.

Knowing your audience is an essential component of website building. You don’t want a simple general purpose website. You want a website that contributes to your career and adds value to your life. You want your fashion portfolio website to impress the right people.

Multiple gallery options, forms, blogging tools, SEO manager tools etc are vital for your growth in the fashion industry. Comprehensive integration features for third-party apps like social media widgets, chat features etc are also important.

Check out our extensive fashion portfolio website templates to find one that is best for you.

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Showcase your best work

So, you know what you are marketing and who your target audience is. What’s the next step? Well, now that you have the people you want on your fashion portfolio website, you need to sell them your work. What you need here is a pitch. A pitch is a short introduction to you and your work that tells a potential client or employer what you bring to the table.

Use your fashion design portfolio website to create a visual pitch to market yourself and your talent. Showcasing your best work using beautiful images, illustrations and even videos is key to that. Check out our guide on fashion photography.

As a fashion designer this would entail lookbooks for your most recent collections from your fashion design portfolio. If you are a fashion stylist you would want to include images of your most recent and most successful looks on prominent clients. Make sure to select pieces that best represent your current repertoire of skills and your style. You need to tell people exactly what you do and what they can expect from you.

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Keep it clean and simple

Appearances matter and nowhere more than in the fashion industry. Minimalism is key when you are designing your fashion design website. Try not to overcrowd your fashion portfolio website, instead use white space to create balance. A clean website is easier to navigate and more user-friendly. The last thing you want to do is mess up your first impressions by having a clumsy, cluttered, unprofessional fashion website. See our guide on how to design your website.

Your fashion design portfolio website reflects your personal aesthetic taste.

Consider your portfolio website as a whole not as individual parts. Keep all the different sections and pages of your website consistent in terms of color, design, theme etc. It's fun to experiment but don’t go too overboard. Don’t make a website that is so over complicated that it becomes confusing.

Think about what a potential client or employer may think when they encounter your website for the first time? What kind of an impression do you want them to have of your work?”

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Branding matters

Branding is an important part of establishing your originality, authenticity and credibility as a creative professional. You need to create a brand for yourself to tell people why they should hire you and no one else.

A personalized, custom website is in itself a step forward towards creating your own brand. But you can always do more. A personalized brand logo can give you a unique brand identity. Having your own logo is also helpful because it is a visual representation of you and your business. Additionally, you can also buy your own custom domain name for your site.

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Tell your story

With any creative profession, the story behind the art matters. What was the creative process like? What was the inspiration? Does this piece reference another iconic moment in fashion or art? Knowing these details adds an extra layer of depth and context to people’s understanding of your pieces. It makes them more interesting and desirable.

The best way of doing this is by adding a blog section to your fashion portfolio website where you can talk more about your creative process. This will make your portfolio website more than just a simple collection of images. It will add personality and context. Blogs are also a good way of increasing web traffic to your website and gaining more exposure.

Your blog can be a space for you where you can share not just your work but the story behind your work. Share your passion for fashion and tell people why you do what you do in the first place.

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Make it your own

Your fashion portfolio website is representative of your fashion and design sensibilities. Originality is the name of the game here. You don’t want your fashion portfolio website to look generic or mass produced.

Customize your website to make it look truly yours. It should reflect your design aesthetic and brand identity.

Personalize your site’s look and feel with custom fonts, colours, spacings, layouts, header, footer, site width etc in accordance with your portfolio needs. Remember your fashion website represents you and you only want to put your best foot forward.

Adding an 'About' page and a blog adds a personal touch to your site. Showcase the designer or the model, not just the designs or the looks. Add contact forms for potential clients and employers. Invite your visitors to email you directly to follow you on your social media channels.

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Market your fashion designer portfolio website

Marketing is an essential component of growing your business and it is a component that takes constant and active effort. In order to be able to use your website as an efficient marketing tool for your designing or modeling career, you need to spread the word about your fashion portfolio website. Link it on your social media channels, put it on your business cards, tell people about it and send out links. This way you can get visitors and traffic to your website so that you can actually showcase your modeling portfolio or fashion design portfolio.

Apart from this, make sure you have good marketing tools attached to your website as well. Marketing pop ups, announcement bars, newsletter services and SEO tools help you turn your fashion portfolio website into a comprehensive tool for selling your services and products.

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TIP 10

Optimize your fashion portfolio website for search engines

How do you make sure people find your fashion portfolio website organically? How do you reach people who don’t know you and whom you don’t otherwise have access to? The simple answer is: search engine optimization. SEO ensures that your website ranks well on search engine results pages and brings organic web traffic to your fashion portfolio. See our complete guide on how to optimize your website for search engines.

A really good way of optimizing your fashion portfolio website is simply choosing a well coded, fast loading template which is what search engines favour. Other methods include going for clean URLs, automatic sitemap, image alt tags, 256-bit SSL certificates etc. Having built-in SEO management tools is beneficial.

Adding a blog to your fashion portfolio website can be another excellent way of improving your search engine rankings. Through your blog you can incorporate various long-form keywords that can help you rank better on search engines.

Bonus Tip!

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Keep updating your fashion portfolio website

Don't let your portfolio get stagnant. That may be the most common but detrimental mistake creatives can make. You need a steady stream of new and unique projects to use in your online fashion portfolio website. Let people know that you are constantly and actively working to perfect your art and grow as a creative professional. Update your fashion portfolio regularly with new projects, collections and collaborations.

Add new blog posts and other content regularly to make sure your fashion website stays constantly relevant. It's a lot of work, but that level of dedication will help your clients and potential employers know that you are serious and passionate about your work.

What should you include in your fashion portfolio website?

It is important that you put your best foot forward when it comes to representing your fashion design portfolio online. Here is a list of what you should include in your online fashion portfolio website to stand out from the crowd.


What is a fashion designer portfolio?

A fashion design portfolio is a curated collection of a fashion designer, stylist or model’s work intended to showcase their unique style or method of work. Your fashion portfolio is an important tool that lets you share your work samples and resume with potential clients and employers and show them your skills, methods, style and expertise. Earlier it was common to carry big, bulky, physical copies of your portfolio. However, these days hosting your fashion portfolio on your own custom website is easier and enables you to reach a wider audience.

Is it easy to create a fashion designer portfolio website?

You can build your professional fashion portfolio website easily and without touching a single line of code. With Pixpa’s intuitive drag and drop editor, website creation is a breeze. Start by choosing the template that best fits your needs and customize it to make it look exactly as you want. You can add content to your website, connect with your custom domain and social profiles, and optimize it for search engines without the need of any advanced technical knowledge.

What should a fashion online portfolio website include?

Your fashion portfolio website should include your best work. Showcase high-quality images of your designs and collections, digital drawings and sketches, lookbook and moodboards with inspiration. You can also add a media kit or press kit to your fashion portfolio website.

How much does it cost to build a fashion design portfolio website?

You can start building your fashion website with Pixpa’s 15-day full featured trial for free. No credit card required for sign up. Pixpa’s all-inclusive subscription plans start from as little as $7/month with no hidden costs. All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee and offer unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificates and 24/7 support.

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