Pixpa Prime

Made for creative agencies & freelancers.

Empower your agency or freelance business with Pixpa Prime. Build stunning websites for your clients using a platform engineered for growth and efficiency.

Applying is easy — if you manage or contribute to two paid websites in your Pixpa account, you’re eligible to join!

Pixpa Prime - Made for creative agencies & freelancers.

Why Join Pixpa Prime?

Take your agency or freelance business to new heights with streamlined workflows and exclusive benefits.

As a Prime member, you gain access to a robust suite of tools that simplify the process of creating, managing, and delivering stunning websites to your clients. Whether you're building a brand-new site or revamping an existing one, Pixpa Prime puts unparalleled control and efficiency at your fingertips.


made for agencies & freelancers

Unlock a suite of powerful tools tailored to grow your creative business.

Exclusive Benefits of Pixpa Prime

Elevate your web design service with added advantages designed to boost your capabilities and distinctively position your services in the competitive market.

  • Extended Trials

    Start strong with a 3-month free trial for new websites under your Prime account. This gives you plenty of time to refine and perfect projects before they go live, ensuring high-quality outcomes without upfront costs.

  • Lifetime Discounts

    Enjoy ongoing discounts on all website plans as a Pixpa Prime member. These savings help you manage and expand your clients' websites more economically while maintaining excellent service.

  • Enhanced Basic Plan

    Leverage our enhanced Basic plan, which now includes up to 2 contributors, making team collaboration easier and more productive even on smaller projects.

  • Branding Control

    Replacing Pixpa's footer branding with your own. This feature allows for a fully customized and professional appearance, showcasing your or your clients' branding prominently on each website.

  • Priority Support

    Access priority live chat and email support whenever you need assistance. Quick resolutions mean less downtime and more consistent, high-quality service for your clients.

  • Made for Agencies & Freelancers

    With Pixpa Prime, you gain access to advanced features and resources that streamline your workflow, enhance client management, and elevate your web design business.

Join Pixpa Prime

Joining Pixpa Prime is simple — if you own or contribute to two paid websites in your Pixpa account, you can apply!

How to apply:

  1. Log into your Pixpa account and navigate to the ‘My Websites’ section.
  2. The ‘Join Pixpa Prime’ option would be available if you have 2 or more paid websites in your account.
  3. Click ‘Apply Now’ and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your application.
  4. We will update you on your Pixpa Prime account approval within 2 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pixpa Prime?

Pixpa Prime is a premium program tailored for agencies and freelancers who use Pixpa to build and manage websites for their clients. It offers advanced features, extended free trials, and exclusive benefits to enhance productivity and client satisfaction.

Who can apply for Pixpa Prime?

Any Pixpa user who owns or contributes to at least two paid websites in their account is eligible to apply for Pixpa Prime. This ensures that the program benefits professionals who are actively using the platform to manage multiple projects.

How do I apply for Pixpa Prime?

You can apply through your Pixpa account. Simply navigate to the 'Account' section, find the 'Join Pixpa Prime' option, and click 'Apply Now'. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your application.

What are the benefits of joining Pixpa Prime?

Pixpa Prime members enjoy numerous benefits including 3-month free trials for new websites, lifetime discounts on all subscription plans, the ability to include up to two contributors on Basic plans, no Pixpa branding on the client sites, and priority access to live chat support.

Is Pixpa Prime free to join?

Yes, joining Pixpa Prime is completely free—there are no fees to sign up or maintain your membership.

What happens to the website that I handover to a client and remove from my Prime account?

Once you transfer a website to a client and remove it from your Pixpa Prime account, all specific Prime benefits associated with that website, including any applied discounts, will be removed. The website will revert to the standard Pixpa plan benefits that the new owner selects.

How long does it take to get approved for Pixpa Prime?

The approval process for Pixpa Prime usually 1-2 business days. Once approved, you will receive an email notification, and all benefits become immediately available.

Can I manage multiple clients' websites from my Pixpa Prime account?

Yes, Pixpa Prime is designed to allow you to manage multiple client websites from a single account dashboard efficiently. This central management feature is ideal for agencies and freelancers handling various projects.

What happens if I no longer meet the eligibility criteria for Pixpa Prime?

If your account no longer meets the eligibility criteria, such as falling below two paid websites, you may lose access to the Prime benefits. However, any existing projects that were initiated under Prime will retain their benefits until their next renewal cycle.

How does Pixpa Prime differ from the Affiliate or Referral Program?

Pixpa Prime and the Affiliate program are separate initiatives. The Affiliate program allows Pixpa affiliates and customers to earn commissions by sharing a unique link. When someone clicks this link and subscribes to Pixpa for the first time, the affiliate earns a commission. Learn more.

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