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Pixpa’s powerful, no-code artist website builder has everything you need, from showcasing visually stunning art galleries and selling your artwork to growing your art business and reaching a global audience.

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No-code Website Builder

Effortlessly customize your artist website with Pixpa’s intuitive, no-code artist website builder.

Artist Website Templates

Choose from sleek, mobile-responsive website templates designed for artists and illustrators.

SEO & Marketing Tools

Enhance your online visibility and reach your target audience with built-in SEO and marketing features.

Affordable Pricing

All-inclusive, cost-effective plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Art Portfolios Made Easy

All-in-one artist website builder

Create your artist website in seconds using Pixpa and convert art lovers into collectors. Intuitive tools and design flexibility make Pixpa the best website builder for artists and illustrators. Drag-and-drop tools, gorgeous templates, and powerful features like client galleries, ecommerce galleries, photo gallery apps, and marketing tools help create an artist portfolio that sells.

“Having used Squarespace, Wix, Adobe Portfolio and Wordpress - Pixpa’s portfolio website builder is blowing me away! It hits the perfect balance between ease of use & advanced functions.”

Paul Needham

Photographer & Sculptor, USA

Made for artists and illustrators

Beautiful, mobile-friendly templates designed for artists

It all starts with a pixel-perfect photography website template. Get inspired by browsing over 150+ fully customizable, responsive, and designer-made photography website templates. Simply choose the template of your choice and start editing your online photography portfolio with ultimate design flexibility.

pixpa templates designed for artists
pixpa templates designed for artists
pixpa templates designed for artists

Unleash your creative freedom

Drag and drop tools

Effortlessly design any page you desire with hundreds of pre-built layouts and content blocks. Move, customize, and personalize easily, adding your unique touch without a single line of code. No plugins needed. Pixpa has everything built in for ultimate flexibility. Focus on your art and illustrations, and let Pixpa handle the website design.


Stunning art galleries

Showcase your artwork

Create beautiful, eye-catching galleries and art collections to showcase your paintings, graphic arts, and illustrations at their finest, from full-screen slideshows to lightbox pop-ups. Upload high-res images for high-impact photo displays, brand them with watermarks, and control how they appear on any device. Choose from over 25 customizable options, from gorgeous, responsive grids to dynamic slideshows and beautiful scrolling galleries.


Ecommerce galleries

Sell your art online

Expand your art business by selling digital and physical prints online with complete control over pricing and no commission fees. Get direct payments through PayPal, Razorpay, and Stripe, customizable product categories, seamless checkout with an integrated shopping cart, and flexible fulfillment options. Manage inventory, orders, shipping, billing, and customer communication - all in one place.


Better user experience

Seamless mobile responsiveness guarantees your website is simple to navigate, loads quickly, provides maximum uptime, and delivers an exceptional user experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Our mobile-friendly websites showcase your artwork beautifully, allowing you to present your art confidently no matter where your audience browses.


Marketing tools

Grow your audience

Supercharge your art business with built-in SEO tools to identify and target the right buyers. Leverage social media integrations (think Instagram feed, Pinterest collections, drawing sessions on YouTube, and more!). Boost engagement with marketing popups, announcement bars, and CTA buttons to grow sales. Offer real-time chat via WhatsApp. Share your artistic journey and attract new clients with built-in blogging tools. Go global with multilingual capabilities and watch your audience flourish.

Join the creatives you admire

Trusted by top artists and
illustrators worldwide

Pixpa empowers artists of all styles - painters, illustrators, and graphic artists - to showcase, sell, and grow their art business. Explore stunning artist portfolio examples and award-winning artwork created by your peers. Get inspired, find new perspectives, and unlock your creative potential.

Create an artist website
How to create an artist website with Pixpa
  1. Sign up for a 15-day free trial. No credit card is required.
  2. Select your custom domain.
  3. Choose an artist website template to edit.
  4. Add content to your website and structure it how you want with a drag-and-drop interface. Your About page and art gallery are good starting points.
  5. Leverage built-in SEO and marketing tools to engage visitors and grow your audience.
  6. Post a free trial, choose from our all-inclusive, affordable plans, and publish your artist website.
  7. Chat with Pixpa’s 24/7 support team online whenever you have questions.

Build, run, and grow your art business. Create your artist website in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best website builder for artists?

Pixpa stands out as the best website builder for artists and illustrators. It offers a blend of ease of use, customizable templates, and robust features tailored specifically for artists. Explore Pixpa to showcase and sell your artwork effortlessly.

What makes a good artist website?

A good artist website is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and effectively showcases the artist's work. It includes a portfolio, artist statement, biography, contact information, and, if applicable, an online store. Integrating SEO and responsive design is also crucial for visibility and accessibility.

Does an artist need a website?

An artist needs a website to establish a professional online presence, showcase their portfolio to a wider audience, control their narrative, and potentially sell their artwork directly to collectors and enthusiasts. For instance, Pixpa can enable you to create several kinds of artist websites:

  • Painter portfolio
  • Illustrator portfolio
  • Graphic artist portfolio
  • Tattoo artist portfolio
  • Concept artist portfolio
  • Makeup artist portfolio
  • Storyboard artist portfolio
  • 3D artist portfolio

Can I start creating an artist website for free?

With Pixpa, you can create your artist website with a free trial. This allows you to explore its features and templates before committing to a subscription, ensuring it meets your needs as an artist or illustrator.

How do I create my own website as an artist?

If you are wondering how to make an artist portfolio, choose a website builder like Pixpa, known for its artist-friendly templates and features. Select an artist website template, customize it to your style, upload your artwork, add descriptions, and include additional pages like a blog or shop. Pixpa’s intuitive platform makes this process seamless.

How much does an artist website cost?

The cost of an artist portfolio website varies based on the platform, features, and whether you're selling art directly. Pixpa offers affordable plans tailored to artists' needs, making it a cost-effective choice with transparent pricing on its website.

What are the do’s and don’ts for artist websites?

Do: Keep the design clean and focused on your art, update regularly, optimize for SEO, and include contact information. Don't: Overload with text, use low-quality images, make navigation complicated, or neglect mobile optimization. Pixpa offers features and templates that guide you away from these pitfalls.

How do I sell my paintings online?

To sell paintings online, create a professional artist website with Pixpa, leverage its integrated ecommerce tools to set up an online shop, set clear pricing and shipping policies, and promote your website through social media and art communities.

Where can I sell paintings online?

Aside from your own website, you can sell paintings on online art marketplaces, social media platforms, and art-specific e-commerce sites. However, having your own website on Pixpa gives you full control over the sales process and branding.

Can I sell my art on Instagram?

You can sell your art on Instagram by showcasing your work, engaging with your followers, and utilizing Instagram's shopping features. However, pairing Instagram with a Pixpa website ensures a professional, centralized platform for your art business.

Can I make money selling paintings?

Absolutely. Artists can make money by selling paintings through their own websites, online galleries, art fairs, and social media platforms. A professional artist website built using Pixpa enhances credibility and sales opportunities.

Do I need a site to sell my art online?

While not strictly necessary, having a dedicated artist portfolio website for selling your art online provides a professional platform to showcase your portfolio, connect with buyers, and control the sale process without intermediaries.

What kind of art sells best?

Landscapes, prints, wildlife, nude paintings, postcards, and posters are some of the most in-demand. Art that sells best often reflects current trends, personal style, and uniqueness. However, what matters most is authenticity and connecting with the right audience, which a well-curated artist portfolio website can facilitate.

How do I price art?

Set your pricing based on size, medium, time spent, and experience. Also, consider the art market and your target audience.

How can I protect my artwork from unauthorized use on my website?

Use watermarks, upload low-resolution images, and implement copyright notices on your website. Pixpa offers features that help protect your artwork online.

What should I include in my artist website’s portfolio section?

Include a selection of your best work, organized by theme or medium, with high-quality images and descriptions. Pixpa allows you to create a stunning portfolio section that’s easy to update and manage.

Should I use a website builder or hire a web designer to create my artist website?

Using a website builder like Pixpa is cost-effective and allows for easy updates. It's ideal for artists who want control over their site without needing technical skills. Hiring a designer is an option for custom needs but comes at a higher cost.

What about SEO for artists?

SEO is crucial for artists to increase visibility online. Use relevant keywords, optimize image alt text, and regularly update your site with fresh content. Pixpa provides SEO tools and guides to help artists optimize their websites effectively.

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