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Pixpa’s powerful, no-code website builder has everything a model or an actor needs for a portfolio website, from showcasing visually stunning photos and reels to managing appointments with casting directors and landing gigs.

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No-code Website Builder

Effortlessly customize your modeling portfolio website with Pixpa’s intuitive, no-code website builder

Modeling Portfolio Templates

Choose from sleek, mobile-responsive website templates designed for models and actors.

SEO & Marketing Tools

Enhance your online visibility and reach your target audience with built-in SEO and marketing features.

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Model Portfolio Website Made Easy

All-in-one modeling portfolio website builder

Create your modeling portfolio website in seconds using Pixpa. Intuitive tools and design flexibility make Pixpa the best website builder for models and actors. Drag-and-drop tools, gorgeous website templates, and powerful features like client galleries, photo gallery apps, and marketing tools help create a modeling portfolio website that gets you noticed and lands gigs.

Photobooks with printed photos of various shot sizes and angles can be useful during an interview with a modeling agency. And Instagram has become the de facto online platform for models and actors to showcase their talent and get noticed (even go viral). But if you are serious about your modeling and acting career, investing in a professional modeling portfolio website is a sure-shot success as it maximizes your exposure to casting directors, is easy to update, and shows professionalism.

“Having used Squarespace, Wix, Adobe Portfolio and Wordpress - Pixpa’s portfolio website builder is blowing me away! It hits the perfect balance between ease of use & advanced functions.”


Paul Needham

Photographer & Sculptor, USA

Made for models and actors

Drop-dead gorgeous, mobile-friendly templates designed for models and actors

It all starts with a perfect modeling portfolio template. Get inspired by browsing over 150+ fully customizable, responsive, and designer-made modeling portfolio templates. Simply choose the website template of your choice and start editing your online modeling portfolio with ultimate design flexibility over your color palette, typography, and everything in between.

pixpa templates designed for models and actors
pixpa templates designed for models and actors
pixpa templates designed for models and actors

Unleash your creative freedom

Drag and drop tools

Effortlessly design any page you desire with hundreds of pre-built layouts and content blocks. Move, customize, and personalize easily, adding your unique touch without a single line of code. No plugins needed. Pixpa has everything built into it for ultimate flexibility. Focus on your modeling and acting career, and let Pixpa handle the website design.


Stunning design galleries

Showcase your photos and reels

Leverage Pixpa’s beautiful, visually striking galleries to display expressive headshots, dynamic mid-shots, stunning full-body captures, interesting behind-the-scenes shots, demo reels, or just about anything. Showcase your modeling photos and reels at their best, from full-screen slideshows to lightbox pop-ups. Upload high-res images, brand them with watermarks, and control how they appear on any device. Easily embed video from YouTube and Vimeo. Choose from over 25 customizable options, from gorgeous, responsive grids to dynamic slideshows and beautiful scrolling galleries.


Story-driven narrative

Describe your modeling career

Leverage Pixpa’s dynamic page builder to write compelling bios, showcase your acting resume and personal stats, display positive reviews & testimonials, add contact info, and more. Customize your page sections to showcase rich visuals and in-depth descriptions to bring your story to life and highlight your unique talent. Fine-tune color palette, typography, logo, arrangement, and layout structure flexibly to ensure creative consistency in your design elements.

Deliver your work

Share your work with casting directors and agents

Collaborate on any device, impress casting directors, producers, and agents with beautiful branded galleries, share password-protected photos, and track client activity, using Pixpa’s Client Galleries. Delight your agents with stunning mobile photo albums using Pixpa's Photo Gallery Apps and offer a personalized experience at their fingertips.


Schedule appointments

Manage bookings

Build a beautiful model portfolio website that gets you noticed by casting directors and agents. Simplify your workflow with online booking, automated confirmations, secure payments, and invoice management. Integrate apps like Square, Setmore, Simplybook, and Availability Calendar to schedule and manage appointments.

Marketing tools

Grow your audience

Supercharge your modeling portfolio website with built-in SEO tools to identify and target the right audience. Leverage social media integrations (think Instagram feed, IMDB profile, sizzle reels on YouTube, and more!). Boost engagement with marketing popups, announcement bars, and CTA buttons. Offer real-time chat via WhatsApp. Share your modeling and acting journey with built-in blogging tools. Go global with multilingual capabilities and watch your audience flourish.


Join the creatives you admire

Trusted by top models and actors

Pixpa empowers models and actors to showcase their talent and land new gigs. Explore stunning modeling portfolio examples and award-winning designs created by your peers. Get inspired, find new perspectives, and unlock your creative potential.

Create a modeling portfolio website
How to create a modeling portfolio website with Pixpa
  1. Sign up for a 15-day free trial. No credit card is required.
  2. Select your custom domain.
  3. Add content to your website and structure it the way you want. Your About page and photo gallery are good starting points.
  4. Leverage built-in SEO and marketing tools to engage visitors and grow your audience.
  5. Post a free trial, choose from our all-inclusive, affordable plans, and publish your graphic design.
  6. Chat with Pixpa’s 24/7 support team online whenever you have questions.

Start building your professional modeling portfolio website, the easy way!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a modeling portfolio?

If you are wondering how to make a modeling portfolio, select your best photos that showcase your versatility and range as a model. Pixpa offers customizable templates tailored for models and actors, making it easy to create a professional-looking portfolio.

What size should model portfolio pictures be?

Your photos should be high-resolution, ideally at least 2400 pixels on the longest side, to ensure they look sharp and professional in your online modeling portfolio. Pixpa's portfolio websites support high-quality images to make your work stand out.

What is in a modeling portfolio?

A modeling portfolio should include a variety of shots: headshots, full-body shots, and editorial fashion work. Ensure diversity in expressions, poses, and outfits to demonstrate your range.

What kind of pictures do model agencies want?

Agencies prefer clear, well-lit photos that showcase your natural look, including headshots without makeup, full-length shots, and photos in simple attire. They look for versatility and a genuine representation of your appearance.

How many pictures do you need for a modeling portfolio?

Start with 10 to 15 of your best photos. Quality over quantity is crucial, as agencies and clients prefer a well-curated selection that showcases your range and abilities.

Do I need a portfolio to become a model?

Yes, a portfolio is essential. It serves as your professional resume, showcasing your work and potential to agencies and clients.

Do models pay for their own portfolios?

Typically, yes. Investing in a high-quality portfolio is a crucial step in your modeling career. With Pixpa, you can create an affordable, professional-looking portfolio in seconds without any coding knowledge.

What is an actor website?

An actor website is a professional online portfolio showcasing your biography, headshots, showreels, resume, and contact information. It's a vital tool for casting visibility.

Do actors need a website?

Absolutely. An actor's website provides a central, professional platform for casting directors and agents to explore your work, understand your range, and contact you for opportunities.

How to make an actor website?

With Pixpa, you can easily create your actor website by choosing a template, customizing it to fit your style, and uploading your content. No technical skills are required!

How to design an actor website?

Focus on simplicity and professionalism. Include your headshots, a biography, a video reel, a gallery of your work, and contact information. Pixpa offers customizable website templates perfect for actors.

How do I make a good acting website?

Ensure it's easy to navigate and has a clean design that highlights your work. Use high-quality images and videos, and make sure your contact information is easy to find. Pixpa can help you create a portfolio website that stands out.

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Understanding comes in many languages, and so does our support. Our comprehensice help artciles and chat/email support is available in 20+ languages.

If you want everything in one platform, then Pixpa is the only way to go! And the support team is legendary!

Istvan Kocsis / Photographer

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