Product Updates
Feb 23, 2024
Color style button now available in page sections

Elevate your website's design using a dedicated color style button in page sections. 

Customize backgrounds, headings, and text colors effortlessly for a stunning visual experience. Add background image in page section and adjust focal point for a tailored look.

Feb 22, 2024
Experience all-new improved product section in page builder

Announcing improvements in our page builder's product section! Now, display items in customizable rows, columns, or sleek carousels. Tailor mobile displays, crop images, adjust corner radius, and customize image hover effects. Customise image sizing, spacing, text, cards, shadows, and even section headlines for lending your unique, personalised touch

Learn more about product section.

Feb 13, 2024
Improved blog feed section in page

We have improved Blog Feed section of page builder, offering more control over your blog feed's presentation in your page and enhancing your portfolio's look.

New additions include:

  • Customizable Elements: Edit the size and spacing between images, headlines, dates, and titles for personalized blog feed aesthetics.

  • Enhanced Mobile Display: Choose up to three columns and adjust grid spacing for optimal mobile viewing.

  • Image Shadows: New option to add shadows behind images, adding depth and emphasis.

  • Adjustable Corner Radius: Customize the corner radius of images for a sleek or soft appearance.

Learn more about customising blog feed section.
Feb 12, 2024
Ecommerce Tools - Online Store

We're thrilled to announce a significant update to the Pixpa platform that will transform how you sell online. We have added an ‘E-commerce Tools’ page within the Store section that acts as an all-in-one solution for efficiently setting up and managing your online store.

What you get in Ecommerce Tools:

  • Product Display: Showcase your offerings with product images and info sections.

  • Optimized Store Search: Help customers find what they need effortlessly.

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Reconnect with potential buyers to boost sales.

  • Discounts & Promotions: Attract and retain customers with dynamic discounts.

  • Print Lab Integrations: High-quality product fulfillment made easy.

  • Shipping & Taxes Calculators: Simplify logistics with automated calculations.

  • Enhanced Payment Options: Secure and versatile payment solutions.

  • Expanded App Integrations: Connect with tools like Eventbrite, Ticketleap, OpenTable, etc

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Feb 08, 2024
Nucleus - Music website Template

Introducing "Nucleus," Pixpa's latest website template designed exclusively for musicians. With a focus on bold aesthetics and functionality, Nucleus is the perfect stage for musicians and bands seeking to make an impact online.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Music Player: Keep fans engaged with an on-site music streaming experience.

  • Event Showcase: Easily update and display your upcoming shows and events.

  • Bold Design: Stand out with vibrant colors and bold fonts.

  • Spaced-Out Layouts: Showcase your music and journey with aesthetically pleasing designs.

  • Engagement Tools: From taking client inquiries to selling event tickets, Nucleus offers comprehensive tools for artist-fan interaction.

Feb 05, 2024
 Advanced Store Related Products

Elevate your store's appeal with advanced options for displaying related products to enhance shopping experiences and boost sales.

Key Features:

Custom Sorting Options: Arrange related products by latest additions, inventory levels, or highest-selling items to match your strategy and customer interests.

Flexible Display Settings: Choose how to showcase related products with options for square, landscape, portrait, or original image aspect ratios, ensuring your store's visual appeal remains consistent.

Relevance Through Categorization: Show related products based on category or tag, offering a more personalized shopping experience by aligning recommendations with customer interests.

Learn more about related products.

Feb 02, 2024
Advanced Accordion - FAQs Section

We’re thrilled to unveil our all-new improved accordions in FAQ sections, making them more stylish and customizable than ever before. Here's a brief overview of what's new:

More Styling Options: You can choose from different icons (arrow or plus) and their positions to match your site's design.

Customizable Dividers: Add dividers between accordion items for a cleaner look, with options to customize the first and last dividers.

Enhanced Flexibility: Keep multiple accordion items open for a better user comparison and review experience, and efficiently manage the spacing between them.

Learn more about enhanced accordions in FAQs sections.

Jan 31, 2024
Latitude: New videography template

Hello, creative filmmakers and videographers! We’re excited to present our latest creation: Latitude, a dark-themed template designed specifically for your videography needs.

Key features:

Videographer-focused design

Tailored to highlight your video projects

Dark theme for visual impact

Enhances the vibrancy and appeal of your videos.

Spaced layout

Offers a clean, clutter-free backdrop for your work.

Share your journey

A personal space to share your story and connect with your audience.

Experience Latitude in action

Jan 30, 2024
Crypton - New Store Template

Discover the power of boldness and style with Pixpa's latest website template, Crypton. Designed for creators and businesses, Crypton features a dark, sophisticated background that highlights your product in a visually striking way.

Key features:

Bold Aesthetic

The dark theme and bold colors ensure your product is the center of attention.

Showcase with Style

Your product is presented in a layout that’s both engaging and informative.

Narrate Your Story

Share the inspiration behind your creations, connecting personally with your audience.

User Engagement

Built-in social media features and contact forms make interaction with customers seamless.

Elevate your online store with Crypton.

Jan 29, 2024
New Image List layouts

We’re excited to unveil Pixpa’s latest update - 2 new Image List Layout, tailored for photographers, artists, designers, and small businesses.

Key features:

Rectangle and Square Grids

Choose the best style that fits your work, from elegant rectangular grids to modern square ones.

Interactive Overlays

Add titles, descriptions, subtitles, and buttons to your images for more engagement.

Unique Grid Layout

A standout feature with one large image paired with two smaller ones, perfect for highlighting your best work.

Learn more
about Image Lists.

Jan 25, 2024
Album Page - Client Gallery

We're rolling out an exciting update to our Client Gallery – the Album Page. This new feature allows you to create custom information pages for each album, perfect for photographers, artists, and creatives.

Key Features:

Personalized Album Pages

Create specific pages for different album types, adding a unique touch to each project.

Easy Customization

Use Pixpa’s intuitive page builder to design your album pages effortlessly, making them as detailed or minimal as you prefer.

Improved Client Experience

Enhance client interaction with a detailed, engaging album page that showcases your work compellingly.

Learn more about the Album Page.

Jan 23, 2024
Dynamic Cover Layouts

We're excited to announce our latest feature – Dynamic Cover Layouts. Thanks to our newly launched dynamic cover section, you can elevate your online presence with a compelling first impression.

Key Features:

Big, bold, and beautiful

Make a striking first impression with a large, eye-catching image. Make it the centerpiece of your homepage, whether it's a stunning photograph, a bold design piece, or an artistic creation.

Quick and easy layouts

Quickly add and change layouts to keep your page fresh and engaging.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Personalize your page with options like rows and columns, carousels, image cropping, hover effects, customizable text, cards, shadow effects, button styles, and more.

Learn more about dynamic cover layouts.

Jan 22, 2024
New Video List Layout

We are thrilled to announce a dynamic addition to Pixpa's suite of features: a New Video List layout. This new Video List layout enhances your video content's visual impact and user engagement. This fresh design elevates how your videos are showcased.


Large play icon and subtitle on thumbnail

Catch viewers’ attention instantly. Add a large play icon on the thumbnail for easy access and subtitles for additional context.

Title and description placement

Informative titles and descriptions are placed right below each video thumbnail, offering a sneak peek into the content.

Customizable hover color

Personalize the play icon’s hover color to match your brand or video, enhancing the user experience.

Whether you're a photographer showcasing behind-the-scenes footage, a designer with process videos, or a business with engaging promotional content, this new layout is designed to make your videos stand out and keep your audience engaged.

Learn more about Video list layouts.

Jan 18, 2024
Tabbed Image List Layouts

We're excited to introduce the Tabbed Image List Layout on Pixpa, a dynamic new feature to enhance your website's design and functionality.

The Tabbed Image List Layout allows you to integrate a sleek, organized display of images and descriptions, enhancing your page's visual appeal and functionality. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Horizontal or Vertical tabs: Select between Horizontal or Vertical tabs to match your website’s look and feel. Whether you're going for a contemporary horizontal spread or a classic vertical list, we've got you covered.

Ideal for Comparisons: Perfect for showcasing differences in your work, products, or services, making it easier for visitors to evaluate and appreciate the differences or progressions. Use it to showcase your portfolios, products services and much more.

Learn more about Tabbed Image List Layout.

Jan 17, 2024
Product Info Sections - Vertical Accordion

We’ve released a fantastic update to enhance your Product Info Section with Vertical Accordion customizations. Here’s what’s new:

Improved item management

Keep multiple accordion items open for easier review, and adjust the spacing between them for a cleaner look.

Icon selection & positioning

Personalize further by choosing icons (arrow or plus) and placing them (left or right) in your accordions.

Customizable dividers

Organize your content neatly with dividers between accordions, including special customization for the first and last divider.

Learn more.

Jan 16, 2024
Enhanced blog management

Exciting news from Pixpa! We’ve just launched a dynamic new feature for managing multiple blogs effortlessly.

Centralized blog management

Easily navigate and oversee all your blogs from the Pixpa studio sidebar.

Create & monitor with ease

Start new blogs and keep track of your latest posts across various blogs.

Instant insights

Quickly check the number of published posts, drafts, and scheduled posts in each blog.

QR code generation

Share your blogs instantly with unique QR codes for each one.

This update is a game-changer for bloggers and creative professionals, offering a more straightforward, efficient way to manage and share your content.

Learn more.

Jan 15, 2024
Banner Video - Lightbox View

We are excited to introduce the latest update to Pixpa’s Banner Video feature - now with autoplay and video slideshow capabilities!

Enhanced viewing with lightbox

Each video in the slideshow can now be viewed in full-screen through a lightbox, offering visitors an immersive, distraction-free experience. Select to play the video in autoplay mode or lightbox mode.

Engage instantly with Autoplay

Captivate your audience immediately with an autoplay video on your website’s banner. It’s not just visually appealing; it’s a powerful tool to communicate your brand’s story instantly.

Tell a story with video slideshows

Go beyond a single video. Now, you can create a stunning slideshow of multiple videos, each conveying a unique aspect of your work or story. This isn't just a slideshow; it's a narrative unfolding, one video at a time.

Learn more

Jan 12, 2024
Shadow - List Items

Dropping a new feature update! While adding content in page sections, you can apply shadows to list items to add depth and dimension to your Pixpa website.

This powerful update allows you to add subtle or striking shadows behind your list of items, such as text and images, instantly drawing attention to their content and enhancing your page's overall look and feel. It can also be applied to video lists, pricing, logos, testimonials, and teams.

Easy enablement

Simply turn on or off the Shadow feature for any list with a single click, and watch your content pop!

Display control

Decide whether you want the shadow to be visible all the time or only appear when someone hovers over the list item.

Predefined vs. Custom

Choose from preset shadow styles, or customize your unique shadow using precise controls. Experiment with different shadow depths, blurs, and colors to perfectly match your brand aesthetic and desired effect.

Learn more

Jan 11, 2024
Accept Payments using Razorpay

We are thrilled to announce the integration of Razorpay, India’s leading online payment gateway, into your Pixpa website. Indian customers can seamlessly purchase your products directly from your website, offering a smooth and convenient checkout experience.

Easy setup and activation

Connect your Pixpa store to your Razorpay account in simple steps and start accepting payments instantly.

Available for Indian customers

Indian customers can easily enable Razorpay payment option to accept payments while selling products and images from the website.

More payment methods

Offer your customers their preferred payment methods, including debit and credit cards, UPI, and popular e-wallets, all conveniently integrated with Razorpay.

Learn more about Razorpay integration

Jan 10, 2024
Product Info Section - Tabbed Style

Introducing horizontally tabbed info sections to effectively showcase more details about your products.

Customers crave clarity before hitting that buy button. Info sections address this by showcasing additional content alongside the product description. Think product specs, shipping policies, warranty, FAQs, care instructions, and size charts.

Highlights of the feature:


Add multiple info sections to each product, catering to various customer needs.

Get a sleek, modern look

Simply choose between vertical and horizontal accordion layouts to perfectly match your product and branding.

With a vertical accordion, display information stacked one below another, perfect for concise explanations. With horizontal accordion, organize information in easily accessible tabs, ideal for extensive details.

Learn more

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