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Advanced SEO Made Easy

With Pixpa, optimizing your website for search engines is straightforward and efficient. No need for external tools or deep coding skills. Our websites are designed with the best SEO practices in mind, employing multiple strategies to elevate your site's ranking in search results.

  • Tailored SEO for Every Page
    Enhance your website's effectiveness by customizing metadata for each page. With Pixpa, you can add distinct SEO metadata – including titles and descriptions – for every page, blog post, product, and gallery. This personalized approach boosts your visibility in search engine results, social media shares, and browser tab displays.
  • Stand Out on Social Media
    Set a specific social media image for each webpage to ensure your brand's visual consistency across social platforms. Whenever your content is shared, it's accompanied by the right image, reinforcing your brand identity and increasing engagement.
  • Control Search Engine Visibility of Pages
    Pixpa gives you the flexibility to make certain pages private by hiding them from search engines. By doing this, you can prevent these pages from being indexed and appearing in search results, allowing you to manage your site's public content more strategically.
  • Clean, Customizable URLs for Every Page
    Pixpa ensures each part of your website – be it pages, galleries, folders, products, or blog posts – features clean, static URLs. These URLs are not only search-engine friendly but also user-intuitive. Tailor the URL slugs across your site to align with your branding, or opt for the efficient, auto-generated options provided by Pixpa.
  • Optimized HTML Markup for Enhanced Searchability
    At Pixpa, we ensure all your website pages, including blog posts, galleries, and products, are crafted with clean and precise HTML markup. This meticulous approach enhances the indexability of your content by search engines, aiding in better search engine performance and visibility.
  • Streamlined Canonical URLs for Optimal Indexing
    Pixpa meticulously directs search engines to index the accurate HTTPS version of each page through the primary domain name of your website, using the "rel=canonical" tag. This ensures search engines recognize the most authoritative page version.
  • Server-Side Rendering (SSR)
    Pixpa utilizes Server-Side Rendering, ensuring search engines can fully read and index your site content. This approach generates dedicated, optimized versions of your pages, enabling search engine bots to crawl, view, and extract the most pertinent information efficiently for better search visibility.
  • Easily Setup 301 Redirects
    Effortlessly manage and implement 301 redirects on your Pixpa website. Simplify the process of updating your site's URLs, ensuring visitors and search engines are directed to the correct pages. This feature is crucial for maintaining a consistent user experience and preserving your search rankings during website modifications.
  • Site Language
    Specify your website language for easy identification by browsers and correct indexing by search engines. Clearly define your site's primary language, optimizing it for regional search engine rankings and catering to your target audience's linguistic preferences.

Integrated SEO Features

Boost your online presence with Pixpa's integrated SEO tools. Increase visibility, attract more traffic, and showcase your creativity effortlessly.


SEO Success Checklist

Master site optimization with Pixpa's comprehensive SEO step-by-step guide. Demystify the process and establish a solid foundation for your website to excel in search results.

Optimal Mobile Experience

Mobile-friendly Websites

All Pixpa websites are mobile-friendly and have responsive layouts that automatically provide the best experience across devices - desktops, phones, and tablets. With over half of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, providing an optimal mobile experience is crucial for engaging and converting site visitors and enhancing search rankings, as Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in its mobile search results.


Engineered for speed and high performance

Pixpa websites blend speed with aesthetics, featuring responsive design, next-gen image formats, and powered by a global CDN for peak performance.

Next-generation Image Formats (AVIF & WebP)
Pixpa delivers images in next-generation image formats like AVIF and WebP whenever visitors use compatible browsers. These advanced formats offer superior compression and quality, enhancing page load speeds and SEO performance. Pixpa websites are not only visually appealing but also technically optimized to meet the demands of modern web browsing and search engine algorithms.
Optimized Image Delivery
Pixpa enhances your website's speed and performance by automatically generating different sizes of your images. This ensures that each viewer gets the most suitable image version for their device and browser. Plus, you have the control to adjust image quality, letting you strike a balance between high-resolution visuals and manageable file sizes.
Accelerated Website Speed with Global CDN
Pixpa enhances your website's loading times using a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). This network ensures your site's content is delivered from the closest server to the user, significantly speeding up load times. Faster-loading websites offer a better user experience, leading to higher conversion rates, and are also favored in search engine rankings.

Automated Website Sitemap

Pixpa automatically generates a sitemap in the standard .xml format for your website. This feature aids in the proper indexing of your site by major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, ensuring it's efficiently discovered and ranked.

Streamlined Image Sitemaps

Pixpa automatically creates dedicated sitemaps for all gallery images on your site, boosting their search engine visibility, especially in image searches. This particularly benefits photographers, designers, and artists by automating the technical aspects of SEO for images, ensuring that your portfolio images achieve greater online exposure.


Connect a Custom Domain

Enhance your online presence by connecting a custom domain name to your Pixpa website. A custom domain name that's memorable and embodies your brand's essence makes it easier for your audience to locate you and also aids in building your SEO authority, taking into account the domain's age, backlinks, and traffic.

SEO-Optimized E-commerce

Pixpa enhances your online store's visibility to both customers and search engines. It provides clear, static, SEO-friendly URLs for product and category pages. Additionally, you can add unique metadata to each product and category page, further improving search engine optimization.


SSL Secure Websites

Every Pixpa website comes with a complimentary SSL certificate, applicable for both Pixpa domains and custom domains. SSL certification is vital for securing your website and maintaining your website's search rankings, as search engines now penalize sites lacking SSL security.


Track and Analyze Website Traffic

With Pixpa, you can effortlessly measure and analyze your website's traffic using leading third-party analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Visitor Analytics, Simple Analytics, GetClicky, and more. These tools provide comprehensive insights into visitor behaviours, traffic sources, and page popularity, enabling you to tailor your SEO strategies effectively.

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