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Grow Your Audience

Seamless SEO Integration

Unlock the full potential of search engine optimization with Pixpa's built-in SEO Manager. Designed to enhance your website's search engine compatibility effortlessly, it eliminates the need for additional plugins. Elevate your online visibility, climb the search rankings, and expand your digital audience with ease.


Drive engagement & conversions

Marketing Popups

Enhance user engagement and drive conversions on your Pixpa website with built-in Marketing Popups.

Create customized popups that convert your site visitors to customers & subscribers. Pixpa's Marketing Popups feature is an essential tool for any website's marketing and communication needs, such as promoting special offers, collecting email addresses for newsletters, announcing new products or services, or even providing important information to your visitors.


Capture Visitor's Attention

Announcement Bar

Pixpa’s Announcement Bar is a powerful tool for instantly grabbing your visitors' attention. Place a customizable bar at the top of your site to highlight important messages, such as special offers, newsletter sign-ups, or new services. Its prominent placement and eye-catching design ensure your announcements are front and center, driving engagement and conversions. Tailor its appearance to fit your brand, making it an integral yet unobtrusive part of your website's user experience.


Drive Conversions on Mobile

Mobile Action Bar

Enhance your mobile website's user experience with Pixpa's Mobile Action Bar. This feature adds prominent call-to-action buttons, streamlining navigation and reducing decision fatigue for visitors. Minimize confusion and the risk of users leaving your site by guiding them with clear CTAs. The Mobile Action Bar is a straightforward solution to improve conversions, making it easier for mobile users to engage with your site and respond to your prompts.


Real-time Communication

Instant WhatsApp Chat Widget

Add a WhatsApp chat widget to your Pixpa website to offer real-time interaction with visitors. This feature enhances customer support and engagement, allowing for quick responses and the opportunity to reconnect even after visitors leave your site. It's an effective tool for resolving issues swiftly, providing information about your offers, and ultimately increasing sales by building stronger customer relationships.


Streamline Customer Data

Contacts Management

Efficiently manage your customer interactions with Pixpa's Contacts feature. This tool gathers email registrations from website forms, orders, newsletter sign-ups, and client galleries in one place. Easily sort, filter, and export this list to enhance your marketing efforts and convert visitors more effectively. Simplify customer relationship management and make informed decisions with easy access to all your contact data.

Expand Your Reach

Social Media Tools

Pixpa simplifies the integration of your website with key social media platforms. Add your social media profile icons to the website, enabling visitors to easily find and follow your social profiles. You can also embed multiple social media feeds and tools such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest amongst others to enhance your online presence and maintain continuous engagement with your audience.


Expand your global footprint

Create Multilingual Websites

Reach a wider audience effortlessly with Pixpa’s integrations with Weglot and, allowing you to create multilingual websites. This feature helps in breaking language barriers, making your content accessible to diverse audiences and expanding your market reach.


Add media easily

Smart Embeds

Effortlessly add media from popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, and Soundcloud to your website with Pixpa's Smart Embeds. Simply input the URL, and Pixpa automatically creates the embed, giving you control over various aspects for a seamless integration. This feature supports most major media platforms, enriching your site with diverse and engaging content.


Engage and Connect with Ease

Custom Contact Forms

Create custom contact forms with Pixpa to easily gather visitor information and facilitate communication. Tailor forms to your specific needs, from customer feedback to booking inquiries, ensuring you collect relevant data. These forms blend seamlessly with your website's design, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

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Power your website with 100+ apps & integrations

Expand and enhance your website’s capabilities with built-in apps and integrations.


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