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Ted VanCleave Pixpa Theme

Ted VanCleave

Photographer, Sculptor, Painter / United States

I've used a variety of website platforms over the years but Pixpa is by far the best. From their ease of use, well-designed eCommerce setup, well-designed themes, and unprecedented customer service. They've won my business on all fronts. Now I'm moving all of my websites to Pixpa.
Misty  Pixpa Theme


Photographer / United States

Pixpa has the fastest turnaround time for responding almost instantly to any technical issues. I highly recommend Pixpa for an all-in-one website. It is very easy to make the website your own, use the online gallery, and even have an on-the-go gallery app for sharing with family and friends. Best of all you can even sell your prints on the same site as well!
Matt Fisher Pixpa Theme

Matt Fisher

Photographer / Israel

Pixpa is exactly the platform I was looking for. It contains everything I need as a portrait photographer, and the support is absolutely amazing!
Nicki Cameron Pixpa Theme

Nicki Cameron

Photographer / United Kingdom

I'm so glad I found Pixpa. The platform was so easy to use, even for a non-techie like me. Whenever I was stuck, the help was on hand 24/7. Brilliant service & I'm delighted with my end product.
John McDonald Pixpa Theme

John McDonald

Editor, / United States

Pixpa is a website builder that gives creative professionals an easy way to create an online space where they can show, share, and sell their creations. The platform emphasizes the customer experience and relies on feedback to continually innovate and improve its products.
Redd Walitzki Pixpa Theme

Redd Walitzki

Visual Artist / United States

I’m a visual artist, and having a website with a beautiful & streamlined aesthetic is absolutely essential to present my work in the best light. So using Pixpa to build my portfolio has been amazing! It really makes my paintings shine, and has always been easy to use and dynamic. Its a great tool to help me keep most of my time focused on my artwork, not on having to learn to build a website. Thanks Pixpa Team!
Pierre de Bellot Pixpa Theme

Pierre de Bellot

Photographer / United States

My experience with pixpa has been excellent! The interface is very easy to use and intuitive. The support offered has been outstanding with live support available and any issues resolved immediately. With Pixpa I have a complete solution for my photography business, with my portfolio, blog and client galleries with the ability to order print products. Highly recommended!
Shamrock Studios - Bonnie Kelley Pixpa Theme

Shamrock Studios - Bonnie Kelley

Fine Art, Photography / United States

I have been very happy so far with Pixpa. The pricing is affordable for a small business, the appearance is professional, and their customer support is good. Would recommend Pixpa!
Ian Morton Pixpa Theme

Ian Morton

Photographer / Vietnam

After over 20 years as a professional travel photographer and having tried numerous website providers, I have finally found Pixpa as the one that I can stick with. Setting up my new site was easy, customizing it was even easier and the support has gone far beyond anything I have experienced before or could have asked for. To say that I'm happy with Pixpa would be an understatement. For what I want in my website, Pixpa has no equals.
Timothy James Pixpa Theme

Timothy James

Photographer / United States

Out of all the website builders, I found Pixpa to be the most user friendly. If I ever had a question, help was quick and efficient. Overall I'm very happy with the designs, customer service and ease of use that Pixpa provides.
Steven K Photography Pixpa Theme

Steven K Photography

Photographer / Hungary

Pixpa is the only provider I found with all the features needed blended in one package. There are others who do this or that better, but all of them lacked some features I needed. Website, blog, client galleries - If you want everything in one platform, then Pixpa is the only way to go! And the support team is legendary! These guys actually know what they do and even better, they understand my questions!
Gaurav Marwaha Pixpa Theme

Gaurav Marwaha

Photographer / India

Pixpa is a great platform for creative professionals, especially photographers, to showcase their best work, along with the ability to maintain a blog, and even sell their digital & physical prints online. A cost-effective solution, that is sure to get even better in the coming months & years, I look forward to seeing Pixpa as one of the best website hosting solutions for hosting Portfolios & online stores, across the world.
Adriano Henney Pixpa Theme

Adriano Henney

Photographer / United Kingdom

Having struggled for a long time firstly with Smugmug and then Squarespace, neither of which gave me the functionality I was looking for, Pixpa has been a joy to work with. It took a while to get to grips with the platform, I was able to design my website by modifying an example provided within their portfolio. The online chat was also always there to help. Unlike many help functions based on a chat function I have used, this one was a truly wonderful experience: the team responded to my questions if not instantly, certainly within 5 minutes. And it worked brilliantly: it felt as though I had the engineer in the room beside me. Truly amazing! Really happy with Pixpa. I can strongly recommend this platform.

Perry Hambright

Photographer, Artist / United States

I went from no-site to pro-site in no time thanks to all the personal help from the Pixpa experts, often in real-time!

Nate Rosso

Photographer / United States

Pixpa is one of the best for your website! The Pixpa team is amazing—fast, friendly, and very knowledgeable! The platform is very user-friendly, with options for those with more expertise. Their biggest strength is customer service; they usually respond within 5 minutes and are extremely helpful. Highly recommended!

From Capterra

David Loew Pixpa Theme

David Loew

Photographer / United States

I have been a Pixpa user for several years, each year it gets better, updating its templates and expanding its reach to social media. The new interface is easy to use which is important because I update my site all time. I do recommend Pixpa.
Jason Hanh Pixpa Theme

Jason Hanh

Digital Artist and Photographer / USA

Pixpa has been a wonderful website platform for me to showcase my photography and composite images. I can always count on the speedy technical support from the staff at Pixpa. Thanks so much.
Trokon Khoury Pixpa Theme

Trokon Khoury

Photographer / United States

Love the options, fonts, responsive design, shopping carts and the ease of use once you are familiarised with the site controls. I also enjoy working with Pixpa's support team, very friendly and knowledgeable
Germaine Pixpa Theme


Architect / Singapore

Pixpa is the best website for starters who wish to create a nice website and do not have any coding knowledge. Before choosing Pixpa, I tried over 16 website platforms and none were suitable for me.
Lucy Beveridge Pixpa Theme

Lucy Beveridge

Photographer / Spain

Pixpa is great, I love the themes, they are clean, modern and of great quality too, but for me, it is Pixpa’s outstanding tech team who make it excellent!! They are always quick to respond to any questions and are always very helpful!! I am very happy having my website on Pixpa.
Eva Stawarczyková Pixpa Theme

Eva Stawarczyková

Photographer / Czech Republic

Beautiful websites, Easy to use, Optimised for mobile phones! Great website support with kind people! I am very satisfied with my Pixpa website.
Ryan Gamma Pixpa Theme

Ryan Gamma

Photographer / United States

Pixpa is a wonderful tool for creating a photography website. I've used Pixpa for a few years now and it has certainly helped me grow my business.
Brook Perryman Pixpa Theme

Brook Perryman

Graphic Designer / United States

I needed a new professional portfolio and found Pixpa to be very easy to use. I love all of the themes to choose from, and also love that everything can be customized. There are a lot of design choices, and it's all very easy to understand. Communication with the Pixpa team is fast, as they always respond quickly. Thank you, Pixpa!
Faiyaz Hawawala Pixpa Theme

Faiyaz Hawawala

Commercial Photographer / India

I am a loyal consumer of PIxpa websites since more than a year now. Being a budding commercial photographer, it has helped me a lot to showcase my work online. I keep updating my website regularly with commercial as well as personal projects. And for all this, I don't have to depend on anyone. Whenever I had any minor issues with the site, the customer service by Pixpa is so good, they had resolved the issues within no time. The whole interface is user friendly and cool!
Bernard Jones Pixpa Theme

Bernard Jones

Fashion Photographer / United States

Pixpa has been such an amazing asset to my business. People can't believe that I was able to create this website on my own...without a designer. Once I tell them how much I pay a month, they RUN to to get their own site. Thanks Pixpa. You've made me the popular guy! :D LOL
Eddy Densow Pixpa Theme

Eddy Densow

Photographer & Designer / United States

Pixpa was the first site I used to create my photography portfolio and it has worked out great. You guys keep up with designs, accessibility, and support. Keep up the good work!
Anudeep Mathur Pixpa Theme

Anudeep Mathur

Photographer / India

I subscribed to Pixpa last year, after doing a bit of research on the web and going through one of my friends' portfolio, the power packed designs and simple to use tools are the key in maintaining great portfolio website on Pixpa, the SEO compatibility is awesome! and the way support team help in solving issues is really commendable. The recent designs and portfolio themes are class leading and brilliantly crafted. Highly recommend pixpa to artists or any individual willing to showcase their creativity on the internet
Amely Pierre Pixpa Theme

Amely Pierre

Photographer / United States

I moved to Pixpa because it offers everything in one place. I have my website as well as the client galleries with the ability for my customers to purchase products with Stripe. It saves me a lot of time and money.

Elliot Tonk

Musician / Australia

Pixpa's customer service is incredible. I'll send a message and have reply within 2 minutes and they walked me through the domain linking.

From Capterra

Shawn Connaway Pixpa Theme

Shawn Connaway

Photographer / United States

I started using Pixpa as an alternative to other sites that did not allow me the creativity I was looking for. Pixpa gave me the creative options I was looking for along with a plug and play structure that was easy, fast and affordable.
Jack Cox Pixpa Theme

Jack Cox

Co-Founder /

Pixpa includes many integrations that give you more power to create, run, promote, sell and manage your site easily. I especially liked Pixpa's integration with WHCC & Fotomoto which lets you sell your images as print products automatically. Client galleries are also a huge plus. Highly recommended.
Manish Pixpa Theme


Photographer / India

Pixpa is an ideal photo or portfolio website builder for artists as well as photographers. It is not just a website builder but eCommerce software which lets you sell your artwork. The all-in-one site builder with a plethora of features makes it one of the top choices for photographers. If you're looking for a simple yet a powerful portfolio builder, then Pixpa is indeed an ideal choice.

Elliot Tonk

Musician / Australia

Legit good. Pixpa's customer service is incredible. I sent a message and received a reply within 2 minutes, and they walked me through the domain linking.

From Capterra

Biniam Ghezai Pixpa Theme

Biniam Ghezai

Photographer / Spain

When I reach out to Pixpa about helping me fine tune my site, there’s always someone available to answer my questions. I usually get a response and my issues resolved within 23 hours, which is about the amount of time I’m willing to work on any given task before I call it quits.
Mark Pease Pixpa Theme

Mark Pease

Visual Artist / United States

Pixpa has a great range of features for many skill levels. As an experienced front-end web developer, I can use Pixpa right out of the box with no background in web design. However, when I've needed it, I've found ways of customizing my site with hand-coded HTML elements and custom CSS styles.

Delta Wekkin

Photographer / United States

Been a great purchase since 2020. Cost-efficient and easy to use. Excellent customer service.

From Capterra

Melanie Rainey Pixpa Theme

Melanie Rainey

Pet Photographer / United States

I am so glad I found Pixpa for my photography business website needs! Not only are their design features extremely user-friendly, but they have many templates and styles to choose from, making it easy to create and customize a website that suits my needs and style. In addition, their customer service has been outstanding! I had a few questions in the beginning, and their responses were always prompt and courteous. I highly recommend Pixpa to anyone wanting to build an easy, user- friendly, and professional looking website.
Jason Arnold Pixpa Theme

Jason Arnold

Under Water Photographer / United States

Pixpa is the most intuitive and user friendly, do-it-yourself site builder out there. Also highly customizable and versatile. Customer service is fast and extremely hard working when I have any questions. I for sure made the right choice with Pixpa, They rock!
 Pearl Williamson Pixpa Theme

Pearl Williamson

Photographer / United States

I have been using Pixpa for several years now, and it has been very easy to create my webpage. Anytime I have had a problem your team was there to help. I appreciate your quick response and the patience you have shown to me as a novice at building a website, I have tried others but yours has been the best looking and the easiest to work with.
Dhyana Fritsche Pixpa Theme

Dhyana Fritsche

Photographer / United Kingdom

Helpful and friendly customer support, easy to use web builder and affordable pricing.
Laxmi Advani Pixpa Theme

Laxmi Advani

Stylist and Makeup Artist / United Arab Emirates

My experience on working with Pixpa has been great for the past one year. The Pixpa 24/7 helpline service is very useful and they solve any of the website problems instantly. I get a lot of traffic on my website with Pixpa's help. Thanks
Howard Steele Pixpa Theme

Howard Steele

Owner and Editor-in-chief of / USA

Pixpa is a powerful platform that allows to create impressive online portfolio websites. It suits both newbies and professionals. It has an easy-to use and intuitive interface, that takes only few hours to build a stunning portfolio website.
Jerry Low Pixpa Theme

Jerry Low

Founder / Web Hosting Secret Revealed

Pixpa is a platform that’s built from the ground up by creatives, for creatives. It’s truly an all-in-one platform for anyone who works in the creative industry, to build and create a website in a simple and easy manner.
Sean Garrity Pixpa Theme

Sean Garrity

Site Manager / Hosting Advice

Pixpa provides everything professional photographers need to showcase their work, navigate the client proofing process, start an online store, and more.
Lucy Davis Pixpa Theme

Lucy Davis

Top 10 Website Hosting / UK

Pixpa offers a comprehensive all in one online solution for creative professionals to showcase their collections. Their platform is easy to use, requires no technical expertise and has a wide range of features, created specifically for today’s creative professional.
Chris Wagner Pixpa Theme

Chris Wagner

Editor / Hosting Pill

Overall, Pixpa can create fast loading and graphics-rich creative websites. A place where SquareSpace does not do so well.
Asad Mehmood Pixpa Theme

Asad Mehmood / Editor

Pixpa caters the most affordable yet responsive website building services for photographers, artists, portfolio sites, and eCommerce businesses. We, at HostingSprout, are really impressed by the offering.
Annie Dai Pixpa Theme

Annie Dai

Author / Mock Plus

I have been using Pixpa for a long time and the support I get from the team is remarkable. I never faced any downtime nor have I seen any sort of bug. Pixpa is highly recommended to anyone looking for a great photography portfolio.


Top-rated by creatives for 10+ years

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Great all-in-one service for creatives Epic customer support! The best in the market
Amazing value for money Great platform for portfolios Exceedingly happy with Pixpa
Customer service is spectacular! My website is gorgeous Clean, simple, cost effective platform
I can easily sell 1000s of images Live help is always available within minutes
Best website builder for photographers Dedicated at creatives My website looks high-end
Awesome customer service My website went live in a day Pixpa checks all the boxes
I'm switching everything over to Pixpa Pixpa is "Wordpress be gone" for me
100% recommended Best platform for designers Clean and professional templates

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