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Gurpreet Singh - Author Gurpreet Singh on Feb 13, 2019

The Announcement Bar is a great feature that you can use for many purposes on your Pixpa website. The Announcement Bar is a full-width bar that sits right on top of your website (above the header) and hence becomes the first thing that your site visitors will notice. This makes it a great place to highlight any important information that you don't want your site visitors to miss.

You can style the Announcement Bar according to your website design, add a link to the whole bar or just to a portion of the text in it. The Announcement Bar appears on all pages of your website until the site visitor decides to close it by using the X button on the right corner.

Announcement Bar feature is available on all websites built on Pixpa.
To add the Announcement Bar to your website, follow these instructions.

Here are some great ways in which you can use the Announcement Bar to highlight information and even to market your business.

Link to your social media profiles

Invite clients to visit and follow your social media profiles by adding the links in the text.

Newsletter Sign Up

Increase your newsletter signups by advertising this in the Announcement Bar and providing a link to the sign-up form on your website. This is an excellent way of encouraging more users to click through and signup for your website newsletter.

New Product Launch

Just launched a new product? Create a buzz for the new product by using the Announcement Bar to link to the product page.

Show a discount offer

Announcement Bars are great for e-commerce stores. Highlight your current offers by linking to the products on sale or even giving information about the discount code that customers can use on the checkout page.

Feature a Blog Post

If you have a blog in your website, you can update the Announcement Bar text every time you publish a new blog post with the title and a link so that readers can click through to your new post.

Provide Business Information

Whether you are taking bookings for the season ahead or inviting participants for your new workshop, or even taking a break from your business; Announcement Bar is an excellent place to highlight such messages.

Now you have a bit of inspiration; you can start using the Announcement Bar to enhance your website experience.


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