26 Impressive Art Portfolio Websites You Must See

Ankush Tripathi - Author Ankush Tripathi on May 09, 2019

Artists like to stay engrossed in their world of creating new art most of the time. Being in the zone of exploring, imagining and creating artworks is what makes them tick. However, it's also crucial for them to reach out and connect to the outside world to showcase their art, find more work and get paid for their work.

An artist portfolio website helps artists find new clients, get spotted by agencies, and build a fan following. An artist's portfolio website is not just a collection of artworks; it's also a business and marketing tool and should be treated as such.   

Why is it important to look at other artist's online portfolio website? Because they have done their homework and you can learn from them. They studied the platforms which provide services to create digital art portfolio; they figured how best they can show their art whether it be painting, illustration, design, photography or something else. And they took the time to organize the content on their website in such a way that it gives the viewer the information they need and what they indent to show. People come across your portfolio for multiple reasons like when they need the services you offer, to buy your art, to get inspiration from your art, and even to see how you have presented your website. All the website in our list fulfills these criteria.

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A good portfolio website has mainly these few things: Design, Creativity, Content, and Usability. These websites are captivating; they hold our attention and makes us want to look more. They are visually enticing, and you wonder how these artists must have done it. These websites create an impact in your mind long after you have closed it. Along with creating inspiring art, an artist also has to present it impressively. And who better than these visual artists who would understand the importance of showcasing their work in the best possible way?

Here are the three things that make an art portfolio website stand out, check them to get art portfolio ideas if you wish to create your portfolio:

A curated, well-presented, and updated portfolio: 

Curate and structure your artwork into galleries instead of laying out all of them at one place. Divide your artwork into small collections that best construct the narrative of your work and guide the visitors to view your portfolio as a storyline, instead of bits and pieces. Having a creative home page and intuitive navigation for an artist portfolio website makes an excellent first impression.

Tell your story: 

In addition to showcasing your work, an artist’s portfolio website builds the persona of the creator behind the artworks. Telling your site visitors about yourself, your inspiration, and taking them behind-the-scenes look to see how you work helps them connect with you as a person. Adding a blog to your portfolio website is a great way to tell your story – make sure that you keep it updated and make it authentic and insightful.

Make sure that you include your artist statement on your art portfolio website.
Here's a great article which explains how to write an artist statement.

Your CV and contact details: 

Tell your site visitors about your achievements, career highlights, and the clients you have worked so far. Add your contact details, or your agent’s so that potential clients can connect with you.  Consider starting a blog to share more of your work, go behind-the-scenes to tell stories about the work you're creating, and further differentiate yourself from other artists in your space.

Check out this article on how to make your online portfolio stand out.

Now that you how to build an artist portfolio website, let’s look at a few websites that perfectly embrace the above three traits.

26 Art Portfolio Websites That You Should Not Miss

1. Jane L. Troyer

Jane L Troyer is a Texas-based artist. Her paintings have been showcased across America at some of the most prominent art galleries including OK Harris Gallery in New York. Some of her paintings, notably, The Southwest and Autumn Heart, have added to the permanent collection of galleries like Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Longview, Taxes. Visit her art portfolio website to see some exemplary watercolor and oil paintings.

2. Sherry Griffin

Sherry Griffin is an American still life and fine art photographer. His art portfolio website showcases a diverse collection of commercial photographs from his work as a product photographer while juxtaposed to his fine-art photographs.

3. Alicia Haberman

Over a decade of experience in film & branded entertainment under her belt, Alicia Haberman, is now a production designer at a leading marketing and music agency. She enjoys free-flowing illustration and graphic designing and has designed album covers for musicians like 50 Cents, Kanye, etc. Alicia's online art portfolio displays her various work in arts, right from illustrations to set design.

4. Pei-Wen Huang Shea

Pei-wan Huang Shea is another set and costume designer on our list, who has an incredible portfolio website. Now an adjunct faculty at Brooklyn College, she is also director of FringeNYC, Fringe AL and Fresco. Her work includes set designs for films such as Sleepy Hollow, Alice In Wonderland, A Christmas Carol, Cinderella, and more. Visit her portfolio website to see her artistic view towards set design.

5. Matthew Park

Matthew Park is a user experience designer, animation, and sketch artist. He has worked extensively across the digital and gaming industry. Visit his portfolio website to see some of his work.

6. Irene Lafferty

Irene Lafferty is a UK-based painter. Her portfolio website showcases nude watercolor paintings, oil-on-board landscapes, and portraits. In over a decade, her paintings have exhibited across the UK. You can visit her art portfolio website to see some incredible watercolor paintings.

7. Cynthia Sanders

Cynthia Sanders is a Texas-based photographer. Her photography portfolio website has a collection of vivid photographs that show human figures superimposed on flowers, galloping horses in ranches, and other eclectic yet colorful pictures. Her monochromatic collection of photographs of Austin that bring out its identity. Visit her portfolio website to see her unique perspective on nature, people, and more.

8. Joe Morzuch

Joe has done his MFA in Painting and Drawing from Southern Illinois University. He has won the Kim & Marion Leonard Award for Oil Painting in 2008 and has done many solo and group exhibitions. He is mainly interested in painting things that are ignored, thrown, and of less importance.

9. Redd Walitzki

Redd is a US-based artist whose work display "sensual portraits of ethereal yet slightly-feral, fairytale women." She has done her BFA in painting from Cornish College of Arts. Her work has been exhibited in the US, Japan, Australia among other places. You can find elements of nature and fashion in many of her artworks. Her online art portfolio features some of her best works in large image size. One can also find her online store frore from where you can buy her products.

10. Linda Haag

Linda Haag Carter is a Houston-based artist. She has spent more two than decades of painting and promoting other artists' work. Her artist portfolio website is a collection of beautiful watercolor and pastel crayons paintings. Her paintings have been showcased at solo as well as group exhibitions across America.

11. Gayle Saunders

Gayle Saunders is a New York-based photographer. An array of photographs that he compares to smudge drawings, and watercolor paintings grace his artist portfolio. Gayle has been a recipient of three grants namely New York Foundation for the Arts Grants (NYFA) and two National Endowment for the Arts Grants (NEA), and his work has been exhibited worldwide.

12. Brooke Reidt

13. Elif Sezen

Elif Sezen is a multi-talented artist as she has worked in many fields in the visual arts like painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital media, and others. She is also a writer and port. Elif has been the Co-winner of 'People's Choice Award,' Moreland Summer Show in Brinswick among other mentions and awards. Her portfolio website displays her work in which she shows the ideas emerging from the memory of loss in individual, family, and community. She has done her Ph.D. in fine arts from Monash University. See more of this artist's work the online gallery of her website.

14. Victoria Owen

Victoria Owen is an Australian painter who has been painting since the raw age of three. Her artist portfolio website is a potpourri of abstract paintings, and most of them are made from acrylic paints. You can visit her website to see some of her abstract paintings.

15. Jeffrey Barge

Jeffrey Barge is a graphic designer. He's credited with designing some memorable movie posters, such as Indiana Jones- Raider of the Lost Ark, Clint Eastwood's The Outlaw, among others. Additionally, one can find logos and illustrated portraits on his artist portfolio that show his passion for graphics. Check out his portfolio website to see some amazing film and sports posters.

16. Emily Lang

Emily Lang is an English printmaker and book artist. Apart from being an artist, she has also been a teacher and taught printmaking and bookbinding at Edinburgh Contemporary Arts. Check out her artist portfolio website to see some beautiful book covers and a few pencil sketches made by her.

17. Hartley Brown

Hartley Brown is an Independent painter, based out of Asheville, North Carolina. She has exhibited her artwork in solo and group exhibitions across America. You can see some delightful pieces of art that are mostly dominated by the Pink color on her art portfolio website.

18. Deborah Gregson

Deborah Gregson is a London-based painter. After working for 30 years, she is finally pursuing her passion for painting. Her artist portfolio shows her still life and portraits paintings. She has exhibited at a few galleries including the National Open Art Exhibition, Shropshire since starting in 2010.

19. Humberto Calzada  

Although from an engineering background, Calzada made his long-lasting career in the arts. From 1978 onwards, he has done numerous shows and exhibitions, and his work has been included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution, Lowe Museum of Arts among others. Calzada has been fascinated by Cuban and Caribbean architecture, and the subject of his paintings has been the same from the beginning of his career. His art portfolio website showcases his retrospective work as well as the available from the artist.

20. Chadney Everett

21. Simon M. Sullivan 

22. Roxane Fiore

With BFA from Montreal, Roxane is a visual artist having a fantastic art portfolio. Her work is mostly made from collages, which she finds from magazines and other places. After collecting different images containing textures, shapes, colors and other things.  She then combines them to create something she finds appealing. She has won the Lise-Hélène Larin Scholarship in Drawing from Concordia University, Montreal. Check out her online art portfolio website to see her creative work on collages.

23. Darren Cranmer

Darren was fascinated by visual arts from childhood. He has worked in the field of design, illustration, drawing, and painting. Darren studied BA (Hons) in Illustration and has done many freelance projects in illustration and drawing. Now he primarily focuses on fine-art projects. Darren has done exhibitions in big art galleries in London. You can see his painting portfolio and his other works on the artist's portfolio site.

24. Gosia Mosz

Gosia has illustrated the Polish version of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass." In 2008, her book "Hanukkah Moon" was recognized as a Notable Book for Younger Readers by the Sydney Taylor Book Award. Gosia has published many books and has worked with big publishers like Macmillan, Kar-Ben Publishing, Harcourt School Publishing, and others. The online portfolio of this artist will be a good source of inspiration for someone interested in illustrations for children.

25. Dianne Bennet

Dianne Bennet is a painter whose works reflects mainly things related to nature as she feels that her art should reflect the problems of the natural world and it should be medium to show the beauty of it. She finds creative methods to do the same by painting on road signs, cardboard, metal, etc. She has presented her work through many exhibitions in California, and you can see this talented artist's art portfolio website to know more about her work.

26. Paul Booth

The drawing art portfolio of Paul Booth showcases his views on the interaction of people with the world, how they spend their time, how much control they have on their lives and such ideas. Take a look at this fine artists website to understand his philosophy of the world through his art.

So, get inspired by their art, understand their philosophy and the process of the art they are creating. You can also learn from their website by looking at the format in which they have presented their work, the creative ways used to grab the attention of the user and apply what you learn to make your stunning portfolio.

See more examples of portfolio websites for artists.

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