Going Beyond .COM Domain Names for your Portfolio Website

Often when searching for your domain name, the worst case happens and your choice domain is taken. While this can feel like a roadblock, it’s important to remember that .COM has been around since 1985 and, as a result, a lot of .COMs are in use - well over 100 million. Nowadays, you can search for a domain at hundreds of Top-Level Domains, or domain name extensions, to secure your brand name. Looking to find the domain name that’s best for your website?  

We’ve got a few suggestions on distinct and awesome domain extensions for your creative portfolio website.

.DESIGN Domain Name

The design community is flocking to the .DESIGN domain name and it has some great uses across portfolio websites. Your design portfolio is a great way to showcase your work and story behind what you created. Use the domain name that displays the focus of your work.

.PHOTO Domain Name

If you’re a professional photographer, or looking to become one, the .PHOTO domain name is a great extension to put your brand on. Share your photography of any kind on the extension that is all-encompassing to your professional pursuit.

.ART Domain Name

You’re creating a virtual gallery for potential customers to discover, so the .ART domain name is a memorable domain option for your website. Put your beautiful work on an equally stunning website to receive recognition and have an easily accessible and shareable portfolio.

.INK Domain Name

When you’re an artist in the physical world and your art lives on people’s bodies as tattoos, or on canvas, or on paper. You still need a place online to attract customers to commission your work and creating a portfolio website is a great way to do that. The .INK domain name encompasses all that you do in three simple letters.

A domain name is a great jumping off point to inspire and push you to launch your portfolio website. Once you secure your domain, it’s hard to push off the project any longer. If you’re like most people, life gets busy. It’s easy to focus on producing top-notch work for clients but forget to focus on your own brand. But in order to market and grow your business, you need to have a place online to drive traffic to and advertise your services. You deserve to have a website to display your work so that you can attract more clients and expand your reach online. Create a beautiful portfolio website and grab the domain name that properly represents your work.

Guest Author: 
Samantha Lloyd is a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur. She currently works for Tucows, handling content marketing for their subsidiary, Hover. She loves filling you in on the tech industry and all things domains. When she’s not working, she lives for travel and the ocean and is always looking for a chance to dive, snorkel, and paddleboard.


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