Introducing Mobile Gallery Apps by Pixpa

Gurpreet Singh - Author Gurpreet Singh on Dec 28, 2018

Pixpa's Mobile Gallery Apps are personalized photo gallery apps that you can create to share your images quickly and easily with your clients. Your clients can add them to their mobile devices as apps and access them easily anytime.

Unlimited Mobile Gallery Apps can be created in all Pixpa Plans. 
See help articles on how you can create Mobile Gallery Apps in your Pixpa account

You can create a mobile gallery app as a sneak-peek of a photo shoot or share highlights from a project you have done. Each app contains social media sharing tools and your branding and contact information.

Impress your clients by gifting them a mobile gallery app at the end of a project, or you can even charge a fee for them as a value-added service. The mobile apps are a powerful tool for your clients to share their images with family and friends. They are also an excellent marketing tool for you as your brand gets exposure and your contact information is shared whenever the mobile app gets shared.

Have a look at an example mobile app gallery:

Copy this link and open in your mobile device browser.

There is so much you can achieve with Pixpa Mobile Gallery Apps:

Easily share images with your clients

Creating a custom photo app for your clients is now just a matter of minutes. Pick your favorite images to share a sneak peek with your clients right after you have finished the photo shoot. You can share a direct link, or send an invite email or SMS.

Add value to your photo shoots

The mobile gallery apps are a perfect value-add to your deliverables in each photo shoot. You can offer them to your clients as a gift or as a paid add-on. Either way, your clients will be impressed with the style and ease with which they can share the app with their friends and family.

Your branding and marketing tool

Mobile gallery apps are not just a great tool to make your clients feel special; it will also increase your brand awareness and word-of-mouth referrals. Each Pixpa mobile app includes your branding, contact info, and social media profile links. Make your clients your brand ambassadors and let the referrals roll in as they share the app with everyone.

Beautiful Galleries

Pixpa Mobile Gallery Apps present your images through beautiful layouts optimized for mobile devices. Your clients will fall in love with these gorgeous galleries the second they open the app.

See help articles on how you can create Mobile Gallery Apps in your Pixpa account


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