30+ Top Photo Collage Apps You Should Check Out

Gurpreet Singh - Author Gurpreet Singh on May 28, 2019

Flipping through an old photo album is always fun. You get to revisit those sweet moments of childhood, your first day in college, or the day you tied the knot. Seeing them all together in a colorful throng is even better. Photo collages have been around for a long time, and when the mobile phone got a camera, it was only natural that the photo collage was to follow suit.

Here we are in 2019 and making collages have never been easier. There are loads of collage makers in the stores which you can get for free, or you can get them by paying a small amount. These apps help users to create photo collage quickly as well as efficiently. They have features like the number of pictures, editing options, and hundreds of templates to choose from.

Here are 30+ photo collage apps that you can use to learn how to make a photo collage:

Free Collage Maker Apps


Instagram created Layout and deserves the first mention amongst the free photo collage makers because of its brand value and the fact that it is highly user-friendly. Layout was engineered as a utility tool for Instagram, which in itself can be dubbed as the largest online gallery in the world. It has a few features, which makes it easier to understand and use.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is one of the few apps which guides its users with instructions and on-screen tutorials. It is ideal for users who are new to making digital collages. This app works great on both iOS and Android. Along with the basic functionalities that any app has, Pic Collage offers custom backgrounds, templates, and stickers to add that extra zing to your photos.


This collage creator is one of the most extensive apps when it comes to the tools and the functionalities it brings to the table. With more than 300 layouts, multiple filters, and its very own camera, Moldiv ranks among the top photo editors and collage makers that are out there. This collage app is an A to Z solution for all photo editing, framing, and publishing needs. Ideal for blogging and Instagram stories.


Engineered exclusively for Apple users, Diptic is another versatile and extensive app that is a favorite amongst the crowds. This robust app can also help you make interesting video collages with music and editing options. Although most features of this app are free, there are some of them which you can avail by paying a small amount of money. It is safe to say, though, that most of the features you will typically need are free of cost!


Canva is ideal for digital marketers, website developers, and for those who want to create professional designs quickly and flawlessly. Canva is a web application for designing, but their app is great too. It is easy to use and has a great UX coefficient, with a one tap publishing option for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It offers custom dimensions to work with and has a lot of editing options too.


PicStitch is not the only pic collage maker that lets you add videos, but it does stand out because of the variety it has in video editing options. You can add music to these videos, and you can trim them as well. Like other photo collage apps, it provides you with essential utilities like borders, layouts, and templates. It has also stickers and vibrant text options to add to all of this.

Photo Grid

Photo Grid brings out the fun side in you with colorful and vivid templates. This free collage maker has tons of options to explore, with a lot of versatility in border and frame shapes. Just choose the grid structure you like and add your best pictures and your amazing collage is ready. It is available for both iOS and Android users.

Photo Blend & Shape Collage Maker

If you want a straight and straightforward photo collage without any fetters, this is the app to go for. Just choose eight images and then select a grid structure, and the app creates the collage for you. You can create collages with different grids (stars, mosaics, etc.), and then add some finishing touches to the created collage. This app does not offer a lot of features, and at times, this turns out to be an advantage for the users who don’t like much clutter and want to get their work done.

inkXE Collage Maker:

inkXE comes with a comprehensive list of features including the photo-collage option. This is a product designer tool that enables customers to design and customize their products on eCommerce stores. The photo-collage app of inkXE is its most popular feature in creating designs for t-shirts and other products.

PicJointer for Photo Collage

PicJointer is your friendly next door man of photo collage makers; it has all the basic features of any standard app and that too free of cost. With more than 200 layouts, many beautiful fonts, colorful backgrounds, and lots of stickers, PicJointer has it all. It allows you to combine up to 9 images in a single, outstanding collage. It is exclusively designed for iOS users, though.

Collage Maker - Mixgram Editor

This iOS-driven photo collage editor app plays in numbers. It has more than a thousand amazing templates to pick from. More than that, it allows you to join a community of other graphic designers and visual content creators just like you. Sharing your works on social media is also a one tap chore. You can caption the collages you make with beautiful fonts too.

PicsArt Photo and Collage Maker

With more than 500 million users already using this app, and that fact that is still has a 4.7 out 5 rating on the official Apple store says a lot about this app. It is a robust and versatile application for all your collage making needs. It has a history feature that saves all your previous works so that you can restore them at any time. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Apart from that, it has loads of free templates, stickers, and other graphics options.

piZap Photo Editor

piZap may not be the best around the block, but it has all the features that you may need. With a grand repository containing hundreds of borders, frames, stock images, and whatnot, piZap allows you to enjoy a vast spectrum of freedom while creating your designs. It is an excellent app for starters who are just looking for an opening to kickstart their creative juices flowing.


This Android and iOS app were designed, keeping in mind the trend of ‘stories’ that is sweeping the world of social media these days. It allows you to create video collages along with picture collages. This free photo collage maker is a great way to show off your designing talents to your friends and colleagues. Create a ‘memories’ collage with PicPostPost and share all your favorite moments playing at the same time with some sweet melody playing in the backdrop.

BeFunky Collage Maker

This online collage maker is a wonderful amateur’s choice. Simple and straightforward, BeFunky, as its name suggests, can help you jazz up your collages multiple folds. With exciting templates and layouts to create new collages, the import functionality in this app is a great unique selling point (you can import your pictures from Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, etc.). This makes it one of the best photo collage apps!

Adobe Spark

Just like layout by Instagram, Spark by Adobe has the brand name attached to it, and it does not disappoint! Unlike other technical tools by Adobe, Spark is an easy to use free online photo collage maker for users. Created for both Android and iOS devices, it permits you to make video collages too. It has templates for any situation you imagine; from portfolios and flyers to animated stories and travel journals, Spark has it all.

Fuzel Collage

To cap the list of the free photo collage maker apps, we have Fuzel Collage by Not a Basement Studio (great name btw). Fuzel has won multiple awards like the Editor’s Choice Award in 2014 and has earned a mention in the top apps list in 2012 and 2013. It has its own camera utility which makes it easier to work with the pictures without opening the phone’s camera app again and again.

Shape Collage

This photo collage maker software lets you create stunning visual designs and collages in different shapes and sizes. It is an excellent option if you are looking to create greeting cards, wallpapers, or visible advertisements. It has an automatic feature that instantly creates collages for the images you choose, and you can use this on your desktops (Mac and Windows both!)


VidSwitch is a free video collage maker app, available for Android users. You can add your desired pictures and videos in pre-formatted designs provided by the app. All the designs can very easily be shared on social media platforms, especially Instagram. You can rotate your pictures any way you want to get the design you had in your mind. Share your work in Instagram stories and show off your designing skills to the world.

Google Photos

A very simple application designed by the giants of the internet, Google, this application allows you to create an online photo collage from only six different templates. But like all other products brought to the market by Google, it is an epitome of quality and performance. Although it offers very very limited options, Google Photos deserves mention on the list of top free photo collage maker apps.


Another fun application to create beautiful photo collages. It has templates that support five different aspect ratios and 12 different visual effects. Sharing options are available, and the app is available in many different languages. The workflow of the app is effortless to understand. This is a great starter’s app for those who are looking to create some basic photo collages.

Paid Collage Maker Apps

Fotor Collage Maker

Just like Canva, Fotor started as a web application, but now it is available on Apple as well as the Google Stores. It has a robust photo editor which is free and even lets you edit RAW files. Paying a few bucks opens up endless possibilities for collage makers, allowing them access to many templates, backgrounds, and design options. Another thing worth mentioning about this photo collage app is the ‘Fotor Events,’ where you can participate in weekly photo designing contests.


Ribbet is an iOS-only app widely considered to be amongst the best-paid collage creator apps (also has a free version). It an outstanding platform for both newbies as well as veterans. Ribbet offers a myriad of filters, stock images, backgrounds, and templates, along with hundreds of cool font for you to work with. The paid version opens more cool options to play around with.


A web application for making online photo collages, Photovisi is a user-friendly platform that helps you create wonderful designs that you can share with your family and friends. One drawback though, is that it does not have any features for editing the collages you make. However, it does make up for those above by offering many stunning templates and beautiful designs. Pay for this online collage maker to remove the watermarks in your designs.  


PicMonkey is another web application that works on most browsers. It helps you edit pictures easily and quickly with more than 50 effects. PicMonkey also has a team feature which you can pay to avail. This feature allows you to share and collaborate with other designers; a beautiful and useful add-on for businesses and freelancers. The designers offer a week-long trial before you start paying, which is a great way to test out the platform.


Although this app is free to use and publish in soft copy, the owners of this unique photo collage app have priced printing on different materials (acrylic, plastic, etc.). The number is unique in its concept. You can design collages in the shape of numbers between 0 to 99. You can implement this fantastic idea on your desktop, your tablet, or your phone. It is an excellent new experience for users, and it deserves a thumbs up!


The name radiates speed and efficiency. This desktop application is ideal for both Mac as well as Windows users. With more than a million downloads and 55,000 paying customers, it’s hard to go wrong with TurboCollage. This collage maker app is a great option if you are looking to create gorgeous designs and professional artworks. TurboCollage comes with a 14-day money back guarantee, which is evident in the designers’ confidence in their product and its add-ons.


Another desktop based application that works wonderfully on both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is a user-friendly platform which has all the necessary utilities required for creating a photo collage. You can choose from a variety of templates and work your way around the editing options to make the best designs and visuals. The platform engine is very robust and is optimized for graphic designing and visual content creation.

InstaSize Editor

Combines the power of photo collages, video collages, and beautiful text-based captions in one powerful platform, InstaSize Editor is a paid application for Android users. As the name suggests, this application allows you to create collages almost instantly. It offers plenty of template options and editing capabilities like resizing rotation and cropping.


Kizoa is a desktop application whose basic package lets you use the photo collage app for free. However, like other downloadable products, it has a paid version which has great tools to work with. One of the things that make Kizoa stand out from other photo collage makers is that it allows you to add animations to your collage. Talk about innovative! The app, however, needs a little bit of practice to get comfortable working with it.

Prisma Photo Editor

Developed by Prisma Labs Inc, this iOS app boasts of 120 million users. Most of the great features are paid, which is the reason this app is listed here. The photo editing options are amazing, and the visual effects are outstanding. Making photo collages is very easy with the Prisma Photo Editor. It has more than 300 art styles in its own Prisma’s Art Filter Gallery. Prisma photo editor enjoys a rating of 4.5 on the Apple Store.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Although free to use, you can purchase storage space of 20 MB on Adobe’s Creative Cloud. The collages are easy to make using this app. It has a built-in widget which makes collage suggestions which you are running out of ideas. It has a lot of features that Photoshop offers like blemish removal, different brushes, and pan scales.  


With so many choices to pick from when you are designing your photo collages, it is easy to go wrong. However, when it comes to creativity, wrong is not always bad. The human imagination is endless, and so are ideas that can be implemented. Technology has made it so much easier to put those ideas on paper and see what you imagined. If we collectively look at all the photo collage maker apps that are listed above, there are thousands of options and ways to create your design. It’s time to start working on your masterpiece.

Once, the collages are created, an online portfolio will help you to showcase them. Pixpa offers a 15-day free trial so that you can create your website in minutes. These collages can also be shown on Instagram; it would be a great idea to integrate your website with Instagram.


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