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4 benefits of having a sitemap in your website

Amrish Mudgal on Feb 22, 2019

Getting better search engine rankings is challenging. An important first step is to make sure all your content is correctly indexed by search engines. This is where Sitemaps play a significant role and enable website owners to directly inform Google about the new additions and changes to their websites and make sure that the new or changed content gets crawled and indexed properly by Google.

All Pixpa websites now have their Sitemaps automatically generated. Your sitemap will reflect all content items on your site. New pages, galleries, etc. will be added to your sitemap automatically.

You can find your Pixpa website Sitemap like this:

For example, for the website, the sitemap URL is

Here are the four benefits of having a proper Sitemap for your website:

1. Helps Google find your content

Google and other search engines use external links (backlinks to your website) to find your website and its content. For a new website, this process can take a long time. If you have a Sitemap on your website, you can submit the same through Google webmaster tools and expedite the process of having your website crawled and indexed by Google.

Here's a helpful article on how to submit your sitemap to Google and other search engines

2. Having your site changes crawled quickly:

To maintain high rankings, you need to keep adding and modifying content on your website, hence keeping your website fresh and relevant. By submitting your changed sitemap to Google again, you can notify Google about your website changes and have them crawled quickly.

3. Better crawling and indexing of your website:

Sitemaps enable search engines to crawl your website's content thoroughly and efficiently.

4. Get better reporting on your website:

Google Webmaster tools provide a number of your reports on your website using your website's sitemap.


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