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Nov 28, 2023
Album Listing Page Layout

Good news! Launching another most requested feature for the client galleries - the design flexibility for the Album Listing Page Layout.

Pixpa offers client galleries to share professional album sites with clients and friends. The Album Listing page helps you showcase all your albums in one place. You can now easily customize the look of the Album Listing Page.

Multiple Layouts: You can now choose between multiple layout options - Dynamic Vertical Medium, Square Medium, Rectangle Medium, and Portrait Medium.

Grid spacing: The flexibility in choosing the grid spacing is tremendous. You can set your grid spacing anywhere between 0 and 250 px. The same can also be applied to mobile screens.

Grid Label: You can determine whether you need a title for each image or the title and event date.

Learn more about the Album Page Layout.

Nov 27, 2023
Change Preset Text

Dropping another essential update! You can now change the language of default text labels on your website and switch to a language of your choice.

With Pixpa’s multilingual capabilities, you can attract audiences from multiple locales to your site and business. Pixpa websites, however, use pre-defined System Text Labels in English. This can be most commonly seen in sections such as search box, cart, store, checkout, photo info, client galleries, etc.

Not anymore! With Pixpa, you can now:

Multiple language options: Select from the dropdown to switch to your desired language.

Easy apply: With a single click, you can switch to a language you want for your entire System Text Labels. You can also replace the text with the one you like.

Try it out! Learn more.

Nov 24, 2023
User Guide - Client Galleries

We are excited to launch the User Guide feature for the client gallery. It is a quick guide for your clients to learn how to manoeuvre the client galleries and their content effectively.

Pixpa offers Client Gallery as a feature to deliver your work to your clients easily and safely and also sell your images.

You can now enable the User Guide to show a pop-up walkthrough and help clients and album visitors to quickly get an overview of the features of client galleries, such as Favorites, Downloads, Store, and Social Sharing.

Easy enablement: You can enable the user guide in two easy ways. Enable the user guide from the Album Presets or manage the visibility for each album individually.

Preset text: You can update the preset text for each slideshow and customize it per your needs. The messaging can reflect the client galleries’ capabilities, such as creating a list of favorite photos, writing comments on their lists and individual photos, and specifying any special instructions they have.

Sounds interesting? Learn more about the User Guide.

Nov 23, 2023
Animation Effects

Bring your site to life and impress new and returning visitors with Pixpa’s all-new website-loading animation effects.

Enable website animation: Now, you can manage your animations to fit your content and its needs and, in turn, keep your audience interacting with your site.

Add effects: Choose Fade-in, Slide-up, Scale-up, Scale-down, or Reveal to create imaginative, striking pages and draw visitors’ attention to your content. Or, simply choose None if you don’t want any.

Choose animation speed: You can specify how long the animation should last by choosing between slow, medium, and fast.

Learn more about website animation.

Nov 21, 2023
Custom Fonts

Great news! We have launched Custom Fonts by popular demand to help users upload and use their own fonts.

Add custom fonts: You don’t have to rely on Google fonts alone. You can spruce up your messages and get them to read how they were meant to be. Just upload and use your own fonts. You can use them for headings, paragraphs, buttons, main menu, etc.

Customize the way you like: You can customize your content by changing the font of your text and using fonts provided by Pixpa or uploading your own fonts. All it takes is a single click as you choose the custom font you like.

Disable Google fonts: You get to disable Google fonts and add your own font so that it can blend with your brand style, be stylized to your liking, and become more accessible.

Multiple font formats: Reap the benefits of choosing between multiple formats - TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, and OTF.

Learn more about custom fonts.

Nov 17, 2023
Enhanced watermarking capabilities

Get excited! Another new highly requested feature is live. Introducing all-new improved watermarking for images.

Our Watermark Images feature just got massive updates. Now, don’t just add a watermark on images. Customize it to your liking.

Multiple watermarks: You can now maintain a collection of multiple watermarks within your Pixpa account. You can choose between text-based and image-based watermarks.

Tiled watermark display: You can determine how you want the watermark to look on your images. Previously, you only had fixed positions (like bottom-right or center) to choose from. You can now add a tiled watermark.

Flexibility in size, position, & transparency: Whether you choose a fixed position or tile, you can now decide the transparency, size, and exact positioning of your watermark. Simply adjust the marker to the left or right. Opacity will help you decide how bold or transparent your watermark should be. Scale will help you decide how big or small your watermark should be. Offset will help you decide the exact positioning of your watermark.

Easy to apply: You don’t need to upload a fresh set of photos when trying to change the watermark. All you need is a click of a button to update the watermark on your entire gallery of images. Easy peasy!

Pixpa understands that watermarking is equivalent to an artist’s signature, symbolizing that the photo is yours. We understand you are proud of it and want credit for the creative.

With the enhanced watermarking functionality, you can ensure that those viewing the image can still admire it and would have to get prior permission from the owner to use it.

Learn more about Watermarks in Pixpa.

Nov 10, 2023
Album Cover Layout - Client Galleries

Give your album landing page a completely new aesthetic by utilizing the diverse array of album cover layouts available.

Select layouts ranging from full column to 2 column for your album landing page.

Read more about album design.

Nov 03, 2023
Reviews Section

Create a dedicated page in your website for your users to leave reviews or add a section in any page. Also get the option to moderate the reviews.

Alter the layout and customize the design elements to reflect the feeling of your website.

Learn more about Reviews section.

Oct 27, 2023
Radiant - NGO Portfolio Template

Bring your NGO to the online world using the Radiant Template.

Showcase your work, explain your cause, take donations and reach out to more people.

Review Radiant Template

Oct 20, 2023
Use Existing Album Settings for New Album

When creating a new album in Client Galleries, you can either use the album presets or select any existing album to apply its settings to your new album.

Read more to add an Album.

Oct 13, 2023
Greenhorn - Salon Portfolio Template

Give your salon a professional online presence using the Greenhorn template.

Stand out, showcase your services and take bookings.

Review Greenhorn Template

Oct 06, 2023
Filter Activity in Client Galleries

Filter user activity for client gallery albums based on specific albums, event type and event date. 

Select from multiple range in event date with custom date range.

Read More about album activity.

Sep 29, 2023
Font Pairing

Change your website font style with a single click. Select from the curated font styles for your website.

Modify the font style using Advanced option to set the tone of your website.

Read more about font pairing

Sep 22, 2023
Color Palette

Change your website color style with a single click. Select from the curated color palettes for your website.

Modify the color palette to set the tone of your website.

Read more about color palettes

May 29, 2023
Sales Chart

View your website or client gallery sales trend easily using the sales charts. 

Sales chart will be visible in the Pixpa dashboard, store and client gallery order dashboard. Quickly review the number of orders and revenue for differnt period using the filter options.

Read more about managing orders.

May 18, 2023
Single Image Detailed Layout

Single Image Detailed gallery layout has been added to the gallery layouts. You can easily set the single image detailed layout for your website, page and blogpost galleries. 

Using this layout, you can easily share the story behind the images with your viewers. 

Learn more about gallery style options.

Mar 20, 2023
Elan - Modeling Portfolio Template

Build your professional online portfolio using the Elan template. 

Stand out, show your availability and get assignments. 

Review Elan Template

Mar 13, 2023
Teams Section

You can create a dedicated page for your team using the Teams section found in page sections.

Alter the layout and customize the design elements to reflect the feeling of your website.

Learn more about Teams section.

Mar 06, 2023
Astro - Your Yoga Instructor Template

Build your portfolio website to showcase your yoga practices, poses and videos.

Add your info page and contact page to allow users to book sessions.

Review Astro template.

Feb 20, 2023
Concept - Wedding Invitation Template

Quickly create a single page responsive wedding invitation website using the Concept template. 

Share your story, event details, venue and more for your guests.

To review concept template click here.

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