Product Updates
Dec 19, 2023
Order ID Format

New feature update! You can now customize the format of your order IDs by adding a prefix to differentiate between different orders on your website.

Highlights of the feature:

Separate Order IDs: Previously, the order IDs couldn’t be modified based on different orders made on your platform. Now, you can define the exact prefixes for the order IDs on Store and Client Gallery to differentiate between them.

Easily identifiable: You can set a brand-specific prefix that helps you identify the orders made for different product categories available.

Learn more about customizing the Order ID Format.

Dec 18, 2023
Logo Showcase

Announcing an important update! You can now add a Logo Wall section on your page to showcase logos of your clients, partners, brands, and vendors. It helps creatives and businesses create a positive image of their brand, show that they are a trusted partner, and establish credibility.

Highlights of the feature:

Easy application: You can easily add a logo wall section on a page with just a few clicks.

Customization-friendly: You can customize and display your logos the way you want. For instance, you can decide if you want a carousel, increase or decrease the number of columns, set the image width, and more.

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Dec 15, 2023
Image Import

Important update! You can now import images from an existing gallery to a new gallery.


A faster way to add images to your gallery

Previously, Pixpa users could move or copy images from one gallery to another. Now, on top of that, you have an even simpler option. Just import the images directly from any other gallery to the one you want.


Pixpa strives to continuously work on building the most user-friendly website builder on the planet. Image import is the one-stop solution for importing images from a different gallery and removes the tedious job of moving images from one gallery to another.

Learn more about importing images to your gallery.

Dec 14, 2023
New Templates - Urban & Runway

Introducing Urban & Runway, our new website templates that bring a bold, modern flair to your online showcase!

Perfect for creatives like photographers, designers, and artists, these templates offer a sleek look for modern minimalists and style-forward showcases.

Built using our new folder layouts:
Bold typography, floating image hovers, minimalist spaced-out layout - Urban and Runway use our just launched new folder layouts, and what an impression they make!

View Runway Template
View Urban Template

Dec 13, 2023
Next-Gen Image Formats

We’re thrilled to announce a game-changing update that's set to turbocharge your Pixpa website experience! Get up to 3X faster website load times and smoother browsing with WebP and AVIF next-gen image formats.

Why the Excitement? 🌟
Compared to the legacy JPEG image format, WebP and AVIF offer significantly smaller file sizes without compromising on quality, meaning your website will now load 2-3 times faster!

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Speedy Load Times: Your audience won't wait. With these new formats, your website's images will load almost instantly, keeping visitors engaged.
  • Improved SEO Performance: Faster load times lead to better search engine rankings.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Crisp, clear images that pop up without delay? Yes, please! Your visitors will enjoy browsing through your stunning visuals without any lag.

No Extra Work for You
The best part? You don't have to do a thing. Our system automatically delivers your images in all compatible browsers in WebP and AVIF formats.

Dec 12, 2023
Customise Scroll Bar

You can now set the color of the scroll bar as you want.

Based on the color dynamics of your website, you now get to adjust the color of the scroll bar in four different ways:

Auto: You get the Auto mode as the default option.

Light: You can choose the Light mode to get a white-colored scroll bar if you have dark colors prominently featured on your site.

Dark: You can choose the Dark mode to get a black-colored scroll bar if you have light colors prominently featured on your site.

Accent: If you have multiple colors, such as dark and light colors, featuring on your site, you can go with the Accent mode.

Learn more

Dec 11, 2023
Shared Favorite List - Client Galleries

Excited to launch a new feature in the Client Galleries - Shared Favorite List.

Photographers and other creatives can now create a favorite list in the client galleries and share it with all the album visitors.

Highlights of the feature:

Easy Enablement: Easily create a favorite list by specifying the primary user and simply check the tickbox to grant all the album visitors access.

Easy Collaboration: All album visitors will be able to review the favorites from others and add their own as well. This feature will prove particularly beneficial for photographers involved in wedding shoots, event shoots, and agency collaborations, where seamless collaboration among multiple designers is essential.

Learn more

Dec 08, 2023
Image Sitemaps

We are happy to launch another essential feature - Image Sitemaps.

Pixpa automatically updates your site’s sitemap whenever you make changes to your site to help search engines crawl and index your website in greater detail. The Image Sitemaps feature is a new addition to Pixpa’s excellent sitemap capabilities.

Increased image searchability and visibility in search engines

This new update helps automatically generate a specialized sitemap for all gallery images on your website, enhancing their visibility in search engine results.

Optimize your images for SEO through Alt Tag

You can add alt text to your images to give visitors and search engines valuable information about your site’s images and galleries. It allows search engines to match the pages of your site with what the users are searching for and display your pages in relevant search results.

Improved search engine rankings

Search engines like Google can now easily find, index, and display your images in image-specific searches. Reap the benefits of better SEO of your website and individual images and higher website traffic, user engagement, and conversions.

Great for creatives with plenty of images on their site

Image Sitemap works wonders for creatives such as photographers, designers, artists, etc., who rely on visual content, especially images, to showcase their work. Let Pixpa take care of the technical details and focus on your creative work as your images gain improved online exposure and recognition.

Learn more

Dec 07, 2023
QR code

We are happy to announce a quick update! You can now add a QR code to your website, making it easier for people to explore your business.

QR code is extremely useful in sending people directly to your site, landing page, or portfolio without ever having to open the browser or enter the URL.

Easy to Download: You can now easily download a QR code for your website to drive traffic, share content, and attract new customers.

User-friendly: It provides a quick and convenient way to visit your website, online store, blog, client galleries, mobile gallery app, and more. Possibilities are infinite!

Brand differentiation: It provides a differentiating factor for your brand, makes you stand apart from your competitors, and helps to create interactive experiences that customers love.

Learn more

Dec 06, 2023
Page Import

Announcement! We are launching an important feature - Page Import.

If you’re creating and editing a website on Pixpa with your favorite template and would love to design a specific page different from the rest, Page Import is here to help you.

This is especially beneficial when you like a specific page from a different template than yours that would fit right in.

Easily select and import your page: You can select the desired page from any Pixpa template and import it to your website.

No worries about changing the entire template: Importing a specific page from a different template allows you to keep the design you like without adding and designing everything again from scratch. Only the page imported would have a different look and feel, exactly how you wanted.

Learn more about importing pages from any template.

Dec 05, 2023
Border - Header and Footer

Pixpa is excited to unveil another essential update! You can now add a border of your website header and footer to make it eye-catching for visitors.

Your header, which usually contains your site’s menu and logo, gives visitors a first impression of your site. So, it is essential to customize it and keep it in line with your brand and site’s aesthetic. Similarly, the footer includes your contact and copyright information. Customizing your footer is essential to match your site’s look and needs.

Pixpa understands the importance of customizing your header and footer and has launched an excellent new feature. You can now set the borders of your header and footer the way you want and make a bold impression on your visitors.

Easy enablement: With a single click, apply borders on your header and footer for desktop and mobile devices to make it stand out on your page.

Set thickness: Adjust the thickness of the borders around your header and footer easily.

Set position: Determine the position of your borders to your liking. Choose between - All four sides, top & bottom, top alone, or bottom alone.

Fill color and opacity: Choose a color for your borders and adjust its intensity.

Learn more about Header and Footer border

Dec 04, 2023
Compare Images - Client Galleries

An important update! You can now allow your users to compare two images side-by-side.

Pixpa constantly strives to make life easier for photographers and other creative professionals. Compare Images is another excellent addition to the swarm of benefits you get in Client Galleries.

Simply enable the Compare Images option in client galleries in Albums Presets or Individual Albums. By doing so, the creatives can now help clients to:

Easily add two images for comparison:
Enable clients to use the Compare Images feature to compare the differences between two images and select their best images easily.

Compare favorites:
Allows comparison between favorite images as well to help make final selections easily at the client's end.

Learn more about the Compare Images Tool in Client Galleries.

Dec 01, 2023
Move / Copy Favorites

We are excited to unveil another essential update.

We are constantly working on simplifying the workflow of using the Client Galleries in Pixpa and interacting with all its elements.

In our quest to help our photographer friends and their clients manage the favorites list more efficiently, we have added the option to Move/Copy favorite images.

Streamlined move/copy option for favorites: Your users can now easily move and/or copy their favorite images. They can simply use this option to move/copy their favorite images from one favorites list to another.

Creating favorites made hassle-free: Your users would no longer have to worry about selecting their favorites from scratch every time they create a new favorite list.

Learn more

Nov 30, 2023
Manage Favorites - Client Galleries

Dropping another crucial update in the Client Galleries!

One of the highly requested features by photographers is here. You can now manage the Favorites and Comments feature in client galleries and determine how you want the clients and album visitors to mark their favorites.

Pixpa offers client galleries to help photographers share professional albums with clients, display photographs on their site in a gallery, and sell their work. They allow clients and album visitors to create lists of their favorite images.

Pixpa understands the importance of helping photographers manage their client galleries as best as possible. You now have the authority to regulate the options of creating a favorite list for your clients.

Regulate Favorite Lists: You can enable default favorite lists for your clients effortlessly and simultaneously grant them the option to create their favorite lists.

Create favorites for clients: You can create a favorite list for specific clients and set the maximum number of images that can be marked as favorites by these clients for individual favorite lists. Only the specified clients will be able to mark their images as favorites.

Learn more:

Favorites and Comments Settings - Client Albums
Album Favorites & Comments Activity

Try it now! Manage your Favorites List in Client Galleries.

Nov 29, 2023
Auto Responder - Form Submissions

We are delighted to announce a massive update! You can now enable automated emails to contacts after form submissions. Pixpa allows you to activate and customize automatic responses to fit your needs.

When a visitor submits a form, it is crucial to automatically acknowledge that submission by sending an email. In this email, you can outline the next steps or provide valuable resources and information.

Pixpa has got you covered. You can:

Enable email automation: For every form submission made through Contact, Payment, Reviews, and Newsletter, you can enable Success Email to send automated responses to visitors.

Customize email responses: When creating an email automation, you can customize the email sent. You can write and design your email template as you see fit. Send thank you emails to welcome new subscribers, direct them towards further courses of action, and more. Italicize the text, create lists, add images, create tables, insert links, and just about everything you can think of.

Pixpa’s automated email response feature helps your visitors feel noticed, cared for, and important when they receive prompt and helpful auto replies. It helps in maintaining a positive view of your business.

Learn more about the Contact Form Success Email.

Nov 28, 2023
Album Listing Page Layout

Good news! Launching another most requested feature for the client galleries - the design flexibility for the Album Listing Page Layout.

Pixpa offers client galleries to share professional album sites with clients and friends. The Album Listing page helps you showcase all your albums in one place. You can now easily customize the look of the Album Listing Page.

Multiple Layouts: You can now choose between multiple layout options - Dynamic Vertical Medium, Square Medium, Rectangle Medium, and Portrait Medium.

Grid spacing: The flexibility in choosing the grid spacing is tremendous. You can set your grid spacing anywhere between 0 and 250 px. The same can also be applied to mobile screens.

Grid Label: You can determine whether you need a title for each image or the title and event date.

Learn more about the Album Page Layout.

Nov 27, 2023
Change Preset Text

Dropping another essential update! You can now change the language of default text labels on your website and switch to a language of your choice.

With Pixpa’s multilingual capabilities, you can attract audiences from multiple locales to your site and business. Pixpa websites, however, use pre-defined System Text Labels in English. This can be most commonly seen in sections such as search box, cart, store, checkout, photo info, client galleries, etc.

Not anymore! With Pixpa, you can now:

Multiple language options: Select from the dropdown to switch to your desired language.

Easy apply: With a single click, you can switch to a language you want for your entire System Text Labels. You can also replace the text with the one you like.

Try it out! Learn more.

Nov 24, 2023
User Guide - Client Galleries

We are excited to launch the User Guide feature for the client gallery. It is a quick guide for your clients to learn how to manoeuvre the client galleries and their content effectively.

Pixpa offers Client Gallery as a feature to deliver your work to your clients easily and safely and also sell your images.

You can now enable the User Guide to show a pop-up walkthrough and help clients and album visitors to quickly get an overview of the features of client galleries, such as Favorites, Downloads, Store, and Social Sharing.

Easy enablement: You can enable the user guide in two easy ways. Enable the user guide from the Album Presets or manage the visibility for each album individually.

Preset text: You can update the preset text for each slideshow and customize it per your needs. The messaging can reflect the client galleries’ capabilities, such as creating a list of favorite photos, writing comments on their lists and individual photos, and specifying any special instructions they have.

Sounds interesting? Learn more about the User Guide.

Nov 23, 2023
Animation Effects

Bring your site to life and impress new and returning visitors with Pixpa’s all-new website-loading animation effects.

Enable website animation: Now, you can manage your animations to fit your content and its needs and, in turn, keep your audience interacting with your site.

Add effects: Choose Fade-in, Slide-up, Scale-up, Scale-down, or Reveal to create imaginative, striking pages and draw visitors’ attention to your content. Or, simply choose None if you don’t want any.

Choose animation speed: You can specify how long the animation should last by choosing between slow, medium, and fast.

Learn more about website animation.

Nov 21, 2023
Custom Fonts

Great news! We have launched Custom Fonts by popular demand to help users upload and use their own fonts.

Add custom fonts: You don’t have to rely on Google fonts alone. You can spruce up your messages and get them to read how they were meant to be. Just upload and use your own fonts. You can use them for headings, paragraphs, buttons, main menu, etc.

Customize the way you like: You can customize your content by changing the font of your text and using fonts provided by Pixpa or uploading your own fonts. All it takes is a single click as you choose the custom font you like.

Disable Google fonts: You get to disable Google fonts and add your own font so that it can blend with your brand style, be stylized to your liking, and become more accessible.

Multiple font formats: Reap the benefits of choosing between multiple formats - TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, and OTF.

Learn more about custom fonts.

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