Product Updates
Jul 19, 2024
New Security Features for Your Website

Right-click protection is available across your entire website, preventing unauthorized copying of your images and text. This safeguards your creative work and intellectual property.

Additionally, we've implemented extra security features to further protect your website content.

What's Included

  • Disable AI Crawling: We’ve added the option to disable website crawling by AI bots. This means your website content will not be scanned for AI training purposes by AI crawl bots, giving you more control over your content’s privacy and security.

  • Prevent Embedding by Malicious Sites: Now you can protect your website from being embedded by malicious sites. This feature ensures that your website cannot be used or displayed without your permission, keeping your content safe from misuse.

Simple and Easy to Use

All these new security options can be enabled with single clicks, making it effortless to enhance your website's security.

Jun 28, 2024
Elevate your website pages with marquee section

We have added the option to add marquee sections in the page builder.

How You Can Use It

The Marquee section can be added to any page on your website, making it a versatile tool for various uses. Whether you want to highlight a new product, share a special offer, or make an announcement in the page, the marquee section makes sure it gets noticed.

Dynamic and Engaging Visuals

With the Marquee section, your website becomes more interactive and engaging. The dynamic visuals and animations will capture your visitors' attention and keep them engaged.

By integrating visually appealing and dynamic content, you can reinforce your brand identity and create a memorable experience for your site visitors.

Customization Options

The Marquee section offers a variety of customization options to fit your brand's style and needs:

  • Adjust Spacing: Create a clean and organized layout by adjusting the spacing between individual items.

  • Control Direction and Speed: Customize the marquee direction and speed to suit your content.

  • Pause on Hover: Enable the pause on hover feature for better user interaction.

  • Fading Effect: Add a fading effect on the sides for a more polished and professional look.

This flexibility allows you to create a unique and engaging visual experience that aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

Jun 07, 2024
Elevate engagement with improved search UI and search-based header layouts!

Our new search-based header layouts are designed to enhance your website’s engagement!

New Headers Optimized for Site Search

We have launched search-based header layouts for both desktop and mobile views. Now, you can feature a dedicated search box in your website header, putting the search function front and center.

These layouts ensure a consistent and user-friendly experience for all your visitors, regardless of the device they're using. This enhancement is especially beneficial for photographers, designers, and users running stores on their websites.

New UI for search box and results page

We've improved the search interface to be more seamless and user-friendly. Finding information on your site is now easier than ever! Our upgraded search page UI displays all search results in a horizontal tabbed format for better organization. You can decide what to include in the search results—products, images, blog posts, and pages—so your visitors can find exactly what they need.

The new search panel gets aligned with the website header showing the content below with focus on the search.

Flexible Search Options

Pixpa gives you the flexibility to customize your search type. Choose between exact matches for precise results or broader fuzzy matches. This way, your visitors get the most relevant search results based on their needs.

May 31, 2024
Customize images with borders

Pixpa's image border feature lets you enhance your website’s visual appeal by adding stylish borders around images.

Why You Will Love It

Adding borders to your images is now super easy. With just a simple toggle switch, you can enhance your visuals effortlessly.
This feature works seamlessly in page dynamic sections, galleries, folders, album listings and product listings in your store.

Multiple Customization Options

  • Personalize your borders with a range of colors, styles, and widths.
  • Choose from seven border styles: solid, dashed, dotted, grooved, double, ridge, inset, and outset.
  • Customize different border widths for each edge of your image for a unique touch.

Mobile Responsive View

Our image borders feature includes options to customize border widths specifically for mobile views. This ensures your images maintain their visual appeal and integrity, no matter what device your audience uses.

May 22, 2024
Exclusive benefits with Pixpa Prime

We’re pleased to introduce Pixpa Prime, a new offering for members who manage two or more paid websites on their account.

What is in it for you?

Pixpa Prime is designed for creative agencies and freelancers looking to streamline their website-building process. With Pixpa Prime, you’ll unlock additional benefits to enhance your productivity and creativity:

  • Additional Contributors: Enjoy the advantage of two contributors included in the Basic plan for all websites under your Prime account, including trial websites. Collaborate seamlessly and bring your projects to life with ease.

  • Extended Trial Period: Benefit from a generous 90-day trial period for all new websites added to your account. This gives you ample time to perfect your sites before committing.

Why You Will Love It

Pixpa Prime offers a range of features that make it an indispensable tool for professionals:

  • Lifetime Discounts: Get ongoing discounts on all website plans, helping you manage and expand your clients' websites more economically.

  • Branding Control: Replace Pixpa's footer branding with your own for a fully customized, professional appearance.

  • Priority Support: Enjoy priority live chat and email support for quick resolutions and consistent, high-quality service.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: With the added contributors, working on projects with your team becomes more efficient, allowing for greater creativity and productivity.

  • Flexibility and Time: The extended trial period gives you the flexibility to experiment and refine your websites, ensuring they meet your highest standards before going live.

May 07, 2024
Display projects using timeline layouts in page builder

Timeline layouts in page builder are designed for anyone looking to present their projects, processes, or achievements in a clear, chronological sequence.


Perfect for a variety of uses, our Timeline Layouts offer you the flexibility to:

  • Track Projects: Visualize the progression of your projects from inception to completion.

  • Demonstrate Processes: Ideal for outlining step-by-step procedures or workflows in a clear, logical manner.

  • Highlight Achievements: From awards to significant milestones, display your successes in a timeline that tells your story.

Extensive customization options

Personalize your timelines to match your style or brand identity with our robust customization tools:

  • Content Styling: Control the look and feel of your timeline by adjusting grid spacing, content order, and the spacing between individual elements like other page dynamic sections

  • Directionality Choices: Choose the flow of your timeline, either from left to right or right to left to suit your narrative.

  • Line Customization: Set the timeline's line width and color to enhance readability and aesthetic appeal.

  • Interactive Elements: Incorporate interactive cards, add shadows, apply hover effects, and customize buttons to make your timeline more engaging.

Apr 30, 2024
Engage more effectively with announcement bars

Announcement bars are a dynamic and effective way to highlight essential information on your website. Perfect for launching new products, running promotional campaigns, or simply boosting visitor engagement, these bars are designed to capture attention and drive action.

Customizable for Your Brand

Create announcement bars that align perfectly with your brand identity:

  • Choose Your Color: Set the preferred background color of your bar.

  • Style Your Text: Select from different font styles, adjust size, color, and letter spacing for optimal readability and appeal.

  • Flexible Display Options: Choose between an edge-to-edge or contained view by adjusting the width of your announcement bar.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Control

To make your website management seamless, the announcement bars come with advanced control features:

  • Schedule Visibility: Set specific start and expiration dates and times for your announcement bars.

  • Reset Visibility: Reset visibility quickly if you make changes to the bar's content.

  • Keep it visible: Disable the close icon to keep your announcement bar visible indefinitely, ideal for ongoing campaigns or important alerts.

Boost Engagement with CTA Links

Enhance your visitor engagement by adding CTA links to your announcement bars. You can use the CTA links to

  • Enhance Social Media Presence: Link to your social media pages to grow your following.

  • Direct Traffic Internally: Guide visitors to new product pages, booking sessions, or other important internal pages.

  • Promote Physical Locations: Lead visitors to your store location for increased in-person visits.

Apr 29, 2024
Sharing albums with your clients made easy

Streamlined Sharing Options for Client Galleries

Pixpa has upgraded the Client Gallery sharing options to enhance your experience and interaction with clients. You now have multiple ways to share your creative albums: whether it’s via a direct email invitation, a straightforward album link, or a convenient QR code for instant access.

Using Invite Email Templates

To further streamline your workflow, Pixpa introduces customizable invite email templates. Tailor your invitations with different templates designed for various client interactions. With this feature, you can quickly apply your preferred template when sharing an album, ensuring a consistent and professional approach every time.

Email Customizations

  • Customise Your Cover Image: Choose how your cover image appears in your emails, either as full bleed or image fit for a contained look.

  • Select Your Email Color Mode: Opt between light or dark modes for your email background, aligning with your brand or the preference of your audience.

  • Incorporate Social Media Links: Enable your social media profiles in your emails to boost your online presence and engagement with clients.

Email Delivery Tracking
You can review your invite email history to ensure that your emails are not only delivered but also opened by your clients. This feature provides peace of mind and enhances your ability to track engagement.

Apr 17, 2024
Tailor Your Mobile Experience with Customizable Mobile Headers

Enhance your mobile visitors' experience with customisable features for your mobile site's header on Pixpa. As mobile usage continues to grow, optimising your website’s mobile presentation is more important than ever.

Here's what you can personalise:

  • Icon Styles: Pick from five unique icon styles for your mobile menu, tailored to complement your site’s design and enhance aesthetic coherence.

  • Menu Labels: You can now add labels next to your menu icons, making navigation straightforward and user-friendly.

  • Menu Icon and Menu Text Sizing: Independently adjust the size of your menu icons and text to enhance both readability and interface interaction.

  • Text and Icon Alignment: Align your menu text and icons left, center, or right to match your specific design needs and improve navigational efficiency.

Why you will love it

  • Diverse Layout Options: Select from several mobile-specific header layouts to improve your site’s usability and visual appeal, ensuring it looks great on all devices.

  • Adjustable Header Padding: Take control of your mobile header spacing to better accommodate your design preferences.

  • Logo Resizing: Easily adjust your logo size on mobile devices to keep your brand presentation consistent and visually striking without sacrificing style.

Apr 12, 2024
Boost Your Earnings with Payment & Donation Pages!

Get ready to enhance your website’s functionality with the latest updates to Pixpa’s Payment and Donation pages!

Here’s what’s in store for you:

Diverse Transaction Capabilities:
Seamlessly manage donations, fundraising, event registrations, ticket sales, subscription service payments, payments for professional services, and sales of digital products all from one place.

Effortless Integration:

  • Instant Form Setup: Add payment forms to your site directly from the Pixpa Studio homepage with just a few clicks, no coding required.

  • Pre-Designed Layouts: Utilize ready page layouts that are optimized for payments and donations to get up and running quickly.

  • Customizable Interfaces: Tailor your payment and donation pages to match your site’s aesthetics and user expectations with customizable options.

Enhanced Sales Tracking:

  • Visual Sales Reports: Access graphical representations of your sales data to better understand trends and adjust your strategies accordingly.

  • Time-Based Filters: Analyze your financials with the ability to filter data by specific periods such as daily, weekly, monthly or more to track growth and identify peak periods.

Apr 10, 2024
Build your website effortlessly with Pixpa’s enhanced page builder

Pixpa’s dynamic builder is tailor-made for creatives and small businesses, offering flexibility and a user-friendly interface. With the latest updates, it’s now even more powerful for crafting personalized, visually striking websites.

Key features and recent enhancements:

  • Pre-designed layouts: Start quickly with multiple pre-designed layouts including About Us, Contact, Galleries, and more, or create a custom page from scratch for complete creative freedom.

  • Customizable sections: Add, remove, or rearrange editable sections easily. New style options for dynamic sections allow you to customize image cropping, adjust spacing, apply card views, hover effects, shadows, and button styles for a polished look.

Workflow enhancements:

  • New page layouts added for Payments and Donations and Client Gallery'.

  • Simplified section editing: Edit button relocated to the top right corner for better accessibility.

  • Unified settings: Content and section settings have been merged within the page builder for streamlined navigation.

  • New style icons: Visual cues for border and separator styles in page sections.

  • More layout options: A broader selection of image and text list layouts.

  • Embed section width control: Fine-tune the presentation of third party embeds and maps with adjustable widths.

Mar 29, 2024
Streamlined product categorization and discovery to boost sales and improve CX

Elevate your online store's navigation and user experience on Pixpa through intuitive product categorization and labeling. Simplify product discovery for your customers, leading to a smooth shopping experience, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased sales.

Here’s how you can create a user-friendly online store on Pixpa and transform your ecommerce business:

Organized product catalog

  • Product categories: Effortlessly organize your store by grouping similar products for easy browsing and making it straightforward for customers to find their desired items.

  • Design flexibility: Reap benefits of design flexibility on the product category list pages. Choose between dynamic grid layout, fixed grid layout, or block pattern layout. Customize the width, grid spacing, corner radius, text font, alignment, and even mobile display for a seamless shopping experience across devices.

  • Product tags: Employ versatile tags by assigning relevant keywords to further filter and categorize your products, improving store navigability and efficiency.

Enhanced product discovery

  • Product labels: Use informative labels with customizable base color and text color to highlight specific products and match your brand aesthetic.

  • Customization-friendly: Automatically showcase real-time product information like "New Arrival" or "Sale" to highlight specific products. Or, create personalized labels to categorize products based on your specific criteria, fostering a unique shopping experience.

  • Related products: In your store's sidebar, showcase the latest products, the most selling ones, or those with the highest inventory to encourage further browsing and potential purchases.

Mar 27, 2024
SEO Manager on Pixpa: All-in-one solution for top search rankings

Optimize your Pixpa-powered website for search engines without needing external tools or coding expertise. Our built-in SEO manager is tailored to boost online visibility for creatives and small businesses. Pixpa takes care of SEO technicalities, you take care of creating amazing content! Here are quick highlights of the value it delivers:

Global SEO data: Easily customize your site's SEO title and description and enable search engine visibility for indexing.

SEO for pages: Specific SEO data for individual pages can be flexibly set. Conveniently manage SEO metadata (page title and description) for all your website pages in one place.

Image SEO: Optimize image filenames, captions, alt text, and keywords for better search discoverability.

SEO title format: Leverage variables (SEO title, site title, and business name) or plain text to create compelling titles that appear on browser tabs and in search results, enhancing visibility and relevance.

Advanced SEO: Improve your website’s loading speed, security, and search engine ranking with:

  • Mobile-friendly design for better user experience across devices

  • Image optimization for faster loading speeds

  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for improved performance

  • Free SSL certificate for enhanced security and search ranking

  • Automatically generated sitemaps for smooth search engine indexing

  • Hide specific pages from search engines to prevent them from being indexed

  • Clean, static URLs for easy searchability

  • Proper HTML markup for search engine understanding

  • Ecommerce SEO features for optimized product listings

  • Customizable 404 page to reduce bounce rate

  • Favicon for improved brand recognition

SEO recommendations post-launch: This includes indexing your site with Google, fixing broken links, setting up 301 Redirects, using Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, tracking traffic, applying Schema markup, optimizing content for relevance, and enhancing blog visibility for Google Discover.

Mar 21, 2024
Elevate your online store with customizable product pages

Pixpa’s ecommerce offerings work wonders for creatives in efficiently showcasing, sharing, and selling their work. Take full advantage of Pixpa’s powerful ecommerce features by designing your product pages and customizing them the way you want. Here's how our features add value to your product pages:

Design flexibility: Customize layouts, product image displays, a lightbox for closer views, pricing visibility options, and social sharing options. This flexibility ensures your products shine in their best light, encouraging engagement and sharing.

Typography customization: Elevate your product's appeal with customizable typography for titles, prices, and metadata, enhancing readability and matching your brand's style.

Product info customization: Organize product information sections with title font and style control (vertical or horizontal accordion), making details accessible and easy to navigate.

Showcase related products: Boost sales by showcasing related products (latest, top sellers, etc.) with layout choices (square, horizontal, vertical) and control over quantity displayed.

Enhanced navigation: Improve site navigation with customizable breadcrumb trails, which will guide visitors through your site and enhance their browsing experience.

Tailored sidebars: You can turn on or off sidebars on product pages and their position (left or right) for optimal page flow.

UI advancements: Enjoy a cleaner, more modern look with improved UI elements, such as sleek separation lines between product titles and details, intuitively placed add-to-cart and quantity icons, and social sharing options, including WhatsApp, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Mar 18, 2024
FAQ Accordions now available in column layout for enhanced customization

FAQ accordions now support column layouts in addition to rows. Organize your FAQs in columns for a customized look and improved user experience. You can even adjust spacing for clarity.

Mar 15, 2024
Display images exactly as you want

Pixpa offers you complete design flexibility for displaying images on your website. Whether you're putting together galleries, image lists, profiles, testimonials, or even headlines, you have the flexibility to showcase images in any way you like – be it original, square, 3:2, 2:3, 2:1, or 16:9 ratios. Additionally, you can refine image presentation by adjusting corner radius to modify image shapes.

Mar 13, 2024
Image size options for lightbox display for an improved client gallery experience

We've refined Lightbox settings within client galleries. You can now select the ideal image size (Auto, 2048px, 1500px, and more) for optimal display in a lightbox within both client galleries and the website.

Mar 01, 2024
Pixpa is top-rated by our users!

We're thrilled to kick off 2024 with exciting news! Pixpa has been recognized by leading Gartner Digital Markets brands Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp! Our product was featured in their flagship reports, a significant achievement that reflects our commitment to providing exceptional no-code website-building solutions.

Top-rated by our users

At Pixpa, customer satisfaction is paramount. We are incredibly grateful to our amazing users for their continued trust and support, reflected in our top ratings (4.7 out of 5) across all Gartner Digital Markets sites. This incredible feedback reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional value and fostering long-term customer relationships.

A commitment to excellence

Being featured in these reports is a significant achievement for Pixpa. It validates our dedication to developing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. This recognition also serves as a valuable endorsement for businesses seeking effective website-building solutions to grow their brand.

About Gartner Digital Markets

Gartner Digital Markets is the world's leading platform for software discovery and selection. Millions of users visit Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice, and UpCity annually to access objective research and verified customer reviews that empower them to make informed software decisions. Thousands of B2B companies leverage Gartner Digital Markets to build brand awareness, generate buyer demand, and accelerate business growth.

Feb 28, 2024
Create Contributors to Manage Website

We have streamlined how you can provide permitted access to your website contributors. Now, effortlessly manage your website with tailored access for contributors.

Choose predefined roles like Super User, Website Editor, Ecommerce Editor, Blog Editor, or Client Galleries editor; or simply leverage the Custom User option for personalized permissions.

Feb 23, 2024
Color style button now available in page sections

Elevate your website's design using a dedicated color style button in page sections. 

Customize backgrounds, headings, and text colors effortlessly for a stunning visual experience. Add background image in page section and adjust focal point for a tailored look.

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  • Example Websites

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  • Customer Stories

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Understanding comes in many languages, and so does our support. Our comprehensice help artciles and chat/email support is available in 20+ languages.

If you want everything in one platform, then Pixpa is the only way to go! And the support team is legendary!

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