30 Photography Magazines You Should Be Reading In 2019

Boaz Eapen - Author Boaz Eapen on Jun 23, 2019

The written word is considered by many as the most powerful tool for mankind ever since we figured out how to put our thoughts on paper (or stone tablets. Yes! More accurate). When we speak about photography magazines though, the written word is not as important as the visual content, and if it is, it is usually talking about the visual content. So it would be wiser to say that print media and the published works have been the biggest, most powerful tool that mankind has ever invented. After all, cave paintings outdated formal letters and structured textual language and can be looked upon as photography magazines in their crudest forms. The Journal Of The Photographic Society, which was later renamed to The Photographic Journal(the RPS, currently) was first published in the year 1853 and is the oldest photography magazine in the world.

With the arrival of the camera in the 17th century, visual content got a whole new side to it. Then, around a hundred years later, newspapers and published journals used photographs for the first time (in the year 1880), and witnessed a boost that took them ages ahead of their own time. This kind of change is what technology ideally does. A photography magazine in its most basic definition can be considered as a published piece of media in which the content revolves around the art of photography. Par example, a photography magazine may contain editing tips, the latest cameras in the market, or a list of the best photographers in the world. Like all magazines, a photography magazine comes in issues that can be published weekly, fortnightly, monthly...you get the vibe.

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Identical to how visual content and photography added a zing to the mundane media back in the day, the digital world has upped the quality of photography magazines in the 21st century. The best photography magazines focus on their online market as much as they focus on its offline counterpart, and even more so. In this age and time, it would be foolishness to ignore the internet and the myriad of opportunities it presents. Anyway, before we bore you out of your senses, here is what you came looking for in the first place; 

30 photography magazines you should be reading in 2019, both online and offline:

Outdoor Photographer 

With crisp and easy to read articles, the Outdoor Photographer focuses mainly on landscapes, flora, and fauna. Available both online and offline at a moderate cost, this photography magazine is one of the best in the United States. It is ideal for amateur photographers who are interested in outdoor photography and want tips to shoot in natural spots and locations. It is one of the best photography magazines that you can find in the market; it contains creative and technical solutions for photographers, and the articles are very engaging. It provides advice on photography equipment and is versatile in its content so that all levels of photographers, from amateurs to veterans, can easily read it and make sense out of it.

Black And White 

Black And White magazine is one of those photography magazines that takes creativity to the next level. Another of the top photography magazines that you can find around the world, it contains only black and white photographs and everything that has anything to do with it. It contains stories about the artists, showcases their galleries, and also has a section that publishes black and white photographs clicked by the readers. It does not have an online version though, but it makes sense as it already has a well-defined reader circle. Black And White is available around the globe at 60 USD per year. It is published in the United States of America and is easily one of the best photography magazines that are out there.

Digital Photographer 

Based in England, the Digital Photographer is ideal for both photography lovers as well as those who have taken up photography as their primary profession. Every issue contains terrific tips and guides to click the perfect picture. It also has articles which are very useful for beginners in helping them to enhance their portfolios. Written and curated by experts in photography, it is hard to go wrong with this. It also has a ‘Behind The Scenes’ sections which gives readers a peek into how professionals work and how they execute their day to day jobs to click the perfect picture. The Digital Photographer is one of the best photography magazines in the United Kingdom.


One of the top photography magazines in this list in terms of both quality of content and quality of the print, the PhotoLife is published in Canada. Although not precisely for veterans as the articles and the photographs are curated for amateurs and intermediate photographers, this Canadian magazine is very professional in its content. It is a little expensive on the cost spectrum, with prices almost double the amount of Black And White. The photographs are of stunning quality, and since it focuses on beginners, it contains lots of tips and guides. It also publishes information about photography events and gallery openings that readers can check out. PhotoLife is one of those photography magazines that don’t compromise on their quality in any circumstance.

Australian Photography 

Australian Photography has been around since the past 60 years and is one of the best photography magazines in Australia. The mission of this magazine is to improve the quality of photographers and to stay true to its mission statement; it organizes various competitions where beginners can participate. It contains sound advice and guidelines on approaches to photography, which is written by experts who are well established in the industry. Like PhotoLife, it is a little expensive with international subscriptions costing 150 USD per year. However, when one goes through the published articles, the magazine justifies the price tag. It is one of the top photography magazines that are available around the world.


Original called Black & White Enthusiast, Silvershotz is an Australian photography magazine that has been around since the past two decades. Initially, this magazine only contained tips and articles related to low light photography and clicking black and white images. They stopped printing offline in 2014 and is now wholly a digital photography magazine. They do issue an annual print in November though. Silvershotz is one of the best photography magazines when it comes to inspiring newbies as well as intermediate level photographers. Their annual offline issue showcases the best 25 portfolios it published in its online version throughout the year. Indeed it is one of the most creative photography magazines that are available on the internet in the present day. Another plus point of this magazine is that it contains no advertisements.

British Journal Of Photography 

As the name mentions, this veteran photography magazine is based in the British Isles. It is one of the oldest photography magazines in the world and was founded in the year 1854. Its primary focus is fine arts and documentary images. The British Journal of Photography is a theme based magazine with every monthly issue revolving around a particular topic like black and white photography, documentaries, wildlife, etc. It also has interviews with famous photographers from around the globe. Along with being the oldest, it is a popular photography magazine in the UK, and its content celebrates its place of origin; it also holds a competition called the ‘Portrait of Britain’, which mainly focuses on the British social fabric and the stories that live behind these communities.

Outdoor Photography 

As the name suggests, Outdoor Photography is a nature-themed magazine from the United Kingdom. Wildlife, nature, adventure, and street photography are some of the areas of photography that this magazine touches in its publications. One of the main reasons that set it apart from the other photography magazines is that the tips and guides in the magazine are very technical; all aspects of photography are discussed in depth. It also has a ‘Location Guide’ that lists all the locations around the country, which are an idea for outdoor photography. This modern photography magazine also publishes the works submitted by its readers and dedicates a full page to each submission, which highlights the importance it gives to its audience. The points, as mentioned earlier, make it quite clear that Outdoor Photography is one of the best photography magazines in the market.

Nature Photographer 

Published a year thrice (summer, fall, and winter), Nature Photographer is one of the top photography magazines for beginners, who are interested in outdoor photography, mainly wildlife and landscapes. Structured like a guide, most of the content helps beginners learn the varied aspects of nature photography. It ships for only 50 USD per year internationally and is amongst the best magazines in the United States based on reader experience. Few advertisements, easy to read articles, and community-centered, Nature Photographer ranks quite high in our personal favorites. Nature photographer is one of the online photography magazines that has a contributors’ section on its website where amateurs can submit their photographs in the hope of being published.


This photo magazine from Germany has ten issues a year and targets amateurs, intermediate level photographers, and professionals. It contains reviews about the latest products and photography gear, articles about photography techniques and methodologies, as well as artist portfolios. It also has information about photography events and competitions. Photographie is a complete package of fantastic photography related content which makes it one of the most versatile and creative photography magazines in Germany.

Practical Photography 

Practical Photography gets down to the root level of photography and publishes content, which is useful in real-world situations. It contains articles, guides, and walkthroughs on clicking stunning pictures professionally. Practical Photography also publishes post processing tips and techniques for new learners. It delivers a complete package of well-curated content written by experts, inspirational photographs, and interviews by professional photographers. It is one of the best photography magazines that cover a huge variety of photography genres, and also has a ‘Hotshot’ section for publishing the best works submitted by its readers. Practical Photography is a versatile and easy to understand magazine ideal for all kinds of photographers.

Digital SLR Photography

This UK based photography magazine focuses on the basics of photography and keeps it simple all along. Digital SLR Photography aims to integrate technology with photography and create stunning works as a result. This magazine is dedicated to newbies and starters who have only just ventured into the vast realm of photography and contains all the basics one needs to know before starting a career in photography. The ‘Readers’ section publishes works submitted by the audience and is a great motivational tool for the freshers. Another reason which makes it one of the top photography magazines for beginners is the cheap price tag attached to it; you can buy five issues for merely 5 USD as a subscription gift! After that, the prices fall in the moderate region.

Digital Photo Pro

Digital Photo Pro is probably one of the most underrated photography magazines amongst mass-market magazines. Like most magazines, Digital Photo Pro too is an advertisement filler. However, it's layout and design is different from the rest. Many of the feature articles in the magazine are in an interview-style format and not in a traditional feature article format. The contributors of the magazine too, are active and provide excellent photography pieces, proving it's popularity. Digital Pro is a good magazine, especially for photographers or videographers who are just starting out into professional visual media. Since it offers a lot of diversity, it is definitely a go to.


Photograph is so tiny and small in its form and size that it'll win your heart instantly. It's almost the size of a tiny personal diary or journal. The photo magazine is from New York, and because of its location alone, it gives an excellent insight into the art culture and galleries of the city. The magazine receives multiple collaboration from photographers, videographers, and independent artists and who are continually featured with their portfolio. The advertisements filled in this magazine is a major downside.

Photograph's later pages keep the readers well informed about the up-to-date display of various gallery shows. Another exciting feature of the popular photography magazine is that it includes street maps of NYC. It even gives details about the galleries outside NYC, statewise. Photograph has an audience of its own, and it teaches it's readers to update themselves about the blend of technology vs. modern art. If you want a crowd for your art, and want to know how to display your artwork, this magazine is a go-to. Photograph is a magazine for anyone who wants a good exposure about New York Fine Art Society and art gallery display, both.


Aperture is by far, one of the most popular photography magazines. Their comprehensive approach to visual media is elaborate and always comes handy to an individual wanting to learn the art of playing with a camera. Even in terms of quality, the content will never disappoint. Aperture has good narratives, and it's just helpful to glance through the pages of the magazine even though somebody may not be particularly interested in photography/videography. Hence, this magazine inspires and draws people towards this form of art. If you've purchased this quarterly magazine, it's unlikely that you'll be left dissatisfied.

Black And White Minimalism

As the name suggests, this state of the art photography magazine uses monochrome pictures with reduced complexities to create a minimalistic masterpiece. There are so many artists whose genre is in itself, minimalism, and voicing a message with as little amount of visual help as possible is a difficult task. Still, these geniuses do it, and the minimalism is what this magazine celebrates. The magazine is unique in its style and structure. Another fantastic thing about this magazine is that it is free to view it online, making it one of the few free photography magazines that are published. The printed version is not free.

Amateur Photographer

The readers of the magazine will instantly realize that Amateur Photographer is loyal to its goal; educating the beginners in the field of photography. What it also offers is perspective to various photography pieces, ultimately aiming to make its audiences more aware and people having an eye for detail. In a few words, Amateur Photographer is so much more than just a photo magazine. It introduces individuals to various artists and professionals, displaying their art and work samples. This way, the magazine encourages a functional photography society. This magazine itself sets an example to all the other popular photography magazines.

Digital Camera

Also known as the Digital Camera World, this British magazine is one of the best photography magazines which revolves around DSLR photography and mirrorless photography. In layman terms, mirrorless cameras are always exposed to the light source as opposed to DSLR cameras. This annual magazine is excellent for beginners who are looking to learn more about both the aforementioned techniques of photography. The issues are 10 USD per piece offline and 6 USD per piece online. Along with publishing articles which guide beginners, it also prints information about the latest equipment available in the market to carry out DSLR and mirrorless photography.

Digital Photo

Another magazine that aims to educate beginners and amateurs about photography, Digital Photo contains tutorials written by experts of the field. It guides newbies to taking better pictures with its quarterly issues which also contain submissions by the readers, hence acting as a motivational tool for the learners. ‘Everyone can do it’ is the warcry of this publication, making it one of the top photography magazines for beginners. It also has information about the latest gear that you can add to your arsenal. Owned by the same publishing giant which owns Digital Photo Pro and Outdoor Photographer, subscriptions for a year will cost you around 12 USD only.

Foam Magazine

This theme-based photo magazine is known for its superior printing quality, which enhances the reading experience of the audience. Every issue revolves around a particular theme and has articles, interviews, reviews, and of course, photographs based on that theme. They also organize photography events around the globe. Foam magazine features one artist in each of its issues and showcases their work and publishes an engaging interview with them. It brings out three issues every year, that cost around 59 USD in total.


Just like its precursor in this list, PhotoEd is a theme based photography magazine which is published in Canada to educate enthusiasts about the overwhelming art of photography. Written and curated by professional photographers themselves, it is hard to go wrong with the PhotoEd and its accurate content. It has an educative structure with lots of tutorials, guides, and ‘how-tos.’ Just like many of the top photography magazines in this list, it has a readers’ section which publishes submissions by the new learners. It puts out its issues three times every year with three issues costing around 20 Canadian dollars summated.


Olympus magazine is owned by the leading manufacturers of digital precision and optical technology in the United Kingdom, Olympus UK. This magazine is a strategic channel for the parent company to sell its stylus cameras. However, although it opens up a great marketing channel, the content is no less than the content of any of the other top photography magazines mentioned in this list. To add to this, Olympus is a free digital photography magazine, an excellent combination for the millennials. Olympus also holds photography contests, contains product listings of Olympus products, and features readers’ submissions.


Photo District News or PDN is a photography journal which publishes a new issue every month. A little on the expensive side (125 USD per year, but it also has 12 issues annually, so that justifies it), PDN contains news, product reviews, readers’ submissions, and photographer portfolios. Along with this, PDN also contains information about photography books and where and how to get them. A complete package so to speak, it is published both offline and online, including a wide range of themes and topics in every issue.

Canadian Camera

Published by the Canadian Association of Photographic Art (CAPA), a group of camera clubs and photography enthusiasts from Canada as well as from around the world, Canadian Camera is one of the best photography magazines in this list. It contains works by the members of CAPA and is published in good quality glossy paper, hence providing a great reader experience. The Canadian Camera is a theme based magazine, which publishes information about photography clubs and groups from all over the world, especially Canada. The content is also of exceptional quality and is very well researched; they provide in-depth knowledge of photography techniques, equipment, and approaches.

Better Photography

An Indian magazine, Better Photography is aimed to help professional photographers click better pictures. It contains tons of tutorials and guides, along with lots of inspirational ideas and innovative techniques. It is a quarterly magazine which has content for all kinds of photography ranging from darkroom to outdoor. It also has a variety of equipment information, product reviews, interviews, promotional offers, and professional galleries. It is one of those photography magazines which is highly versatile in terms of reader base as well as when it comes to the kind of content it publishes.


Few pages into Shutter Magazine, and as a photography enthusiast, you know that this is a magazine that we all need. This magazine is so successful, and we wouldn't question why. Shutter Magazine is just the perfect blend of art and business. The subcategories are organized, and the segments are a perfect mix of content, length, and appeal. The mission of the photography magazine reads: “Our goal is to provide current, insightful and in-depth educational content for today’s professional wedding and portrait photographer.” The magazine in no account defies its mission, making it a fantastic read for all kinds of people.


The photo magazine Click’s tagline reads as: “For the Modern Photograp(her).”
The magazine is a partner magazine for the bigger Click & Company network. Click is a female-driven venture; however, that doesn't mean that it is biased. The topics this modern photography magazine addresses are super positive and inspirational, and any person who picks up the cover is left feeling good. If you want something youthful and some optimism, then Click is a magazine to pick. Click isn't your usual photography magazine as it provides covers a lot of the aftermath of photography. It gives tons of post-processing tips and tricks and gear reviews and views photography as a whole lifestyle.

Photo Review Magazine

One of the most inspiring and creative photography magazines that are out there, Photo Review is brought together by veterans in the field of photography. They are highly experienced individuals with enthusiasm for this amazing art, and reading this magazine is in itself an enriching experience. The magazine has tips and tutorials which are very easy to follow and execute, making it a fans’ favorite. There is a dedicated ‘Portfolio’ section that contains works by a highly skilled photographer, published in a stunning format on high-quality paper. The magazine, as its name suggests, reviews various photography equipment and compares them to each other, which is a useful tool for anyone looking to buy new gear. Apart from all of this, Photo review also publishes works of traditional photographers who are not famous but have fantastic talent and skill sets.


One of India’s top photography magazines, Chiiz attempts to set itself apart from the crowd by publishing descriptive photography and succeeds in it as well. Every photograph which this magazine publishes comes with the camera settings which were used to click the picture, a helpful tool for beginners and professionals both. Along with this great utility, Chiiz also publishes tips from experienced photographers. It is published every month, and a yearly subscription will cost you around 2400 INR or 34 USD; a must buy!


Before we take our exit, the last magazine to appear in this list of top photography magazines of 2019 is EXIT. Published in Spain, EXIT is a theme based magazine which is published every three months. It is a relatively new publication as compared to the other listings, which began its journey in the year 1999, just at the turn of the century. It features a leading artist portfolio along with four other smaller portfolios in each one of its issues. A yearly subscription will cost you around 140 USD.


Nothing you learn will ever be useless. In some place or time, it will come in handy. Remember this piece of advice. Every magazine in this listicle is worth a look. All of them are great journeys through the lives of amazing artists and photographers. If you are a professional photographer looking for some inspiration, a beginner in the field of photography, or even a simple bystander who is amazed by this captivating art, all of these magazines will engage and surprise you. Experts write these magazines and contain pearls of wisdom. If time allows, give them all a try. In the time that we live in, it is essential to stay updated about all verticals that are out there, even though some of them may not concern you at all. This list of top photography magazines will be a great start before you delve deeper into the world of photography.

Learning from these magazines will help to improve the skills you have, which can be seen in the photos you take. Update your portfolio to show the best you can do. If you have already shown your work in an appealing way, signup for a 15-day free trial with Pixpa. 


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