16 Stunning Video Websites to Inspire You

Anisha Singh - Author Anisha Singh on Jul 12, 2019

Videos capture fleeting moments in motion, forever. It helps in savoring those treasured life moments, every hundredth of a second. Over the past few years, videos have become the mainstay on social media and messaging Apps. Captivating video content is being created by both individuals and brands and shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and everywhere else. 

It is the beginning of a new phase, where the video is at the core of user experiences.

As videos become the primary tool for brands to reach more consumers, help users explore products and services and drive user engagement, the job of a Videographer has gained importance. As a creator, a videographer works on multidisciplinary content - brand videos, promos, educational or knowledge-based videos, sales-driven demos, customer stories, and animated videos.

If you are a Videographer, you need to have a well-structured website that showcases your portfolio in a clean, minimalist way. Your website will represent your style of work and attract more clients and inquiries. Opportunities abound, but you have to make sure that viewers understand the idea and concept behind your work, whether it is video production, direction, or cinematography.

The themes available on Pixpa are personalizable and can be adapted to the needs of any videographer or photographer. The pages are designed to work with both static images and videos. Even if you don't focus on video or film, adding videos to your portfolio will be a great way to showcase your work.

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You can opt for a simple, minimalist layout with a clean, static presentation of your portfolio. You can also showcase both static images and previews of embedded videos or films on YouTube or Vimeo. To make an organized structure, you can add separate galleries for each project to showcase them in detail.

Here are 16 top Video Portfolio Websites built on Pixpa that you can look to for inspiration.

Robert McMahon

Robert McMahon is a Video Creator based in Rhode Island. He is the co-founder and current video director and editor at the Rhode Island digital media company, Deft Film. His website has a clean, minimal design showcasing his Featured Work with links to his YouTube Channel, Photography, Media –Documentary, Vlogs, VSCO on the homepage.

Philippe Spancus

Philippe Spankus is a Sound Designer and musician based in Germany. Known for his highly creative and interdisciplinary work, Philippe features a selection of the best works on his website.

Justin Kleiner

Justin Kleiner is a visual artist and musician, based in Santa Barabara. He has worked on diverse projects, from composing music for award-winning films to creating artwork for curated exhibits. Justin showcases his work using the Folio theme in a clean, simple layout. The site navigation at the top of the page is clear and makes it easy for the viewer to see the categories.

Chris Ko

Chris Ko is based in New York. He studied Architectural design, Graphic design, Film, and Television. He has worked as Motion Graphic designer and Art Director for several years. Using a versatile portfolio design, Chris showcases his work across multiple disciplines - Editorial, Ecommerce Photography, and Motion Graphics.


Prime is an Atlanta based content creator. Prime has been working on projects in the field of music and fashion for five years. His emphasis is on honing videography and photography skills and combines his passion for marketing and interest in multimedia to bring creative ideas to fruition.
An eye-catching display of static and videos previews on his website allows you to showcase his work across several projects.

Danny Boyd

Danny Boyd has worked on several projects ranging from advertising, portraits, lifestyle, events, and videography. His website follows a neatly categorized grid layout that allows users to navigate through his work.

Chalk and Cheese

Sydney based Cedric, and his team of wedding photographers and videographers have a candid storytelling style. They document the true essence of a wedding – the love, joy, and those heart-warming precious moments. Their wedding videography is driven by a storytelling approach that is candid, heartfelt, photojournalistic style wedding videos with minimal poses.

Tajpal Dhamu

Tajpal Dhamu is a self-taught photographer and artist. Tajpal and her team have been working in the industry for nine years. Her website theme sets columns of thumbnails against a black background. The selected website image scales by width. Videography portfolio features corporate shoots, parties, weddings, and showreel.

Buffalo NY Stock Photography - Kim Smith

Kim Smith is an interior designer turned photographer. She loves collaborating with creators to capture their labors of love – architecture, interior design, food, and drink. Her website has stunning images of the landscape and skyline of Buffalo Niagara that tell a fascinating story of the city. The breathtaking time-lapse video of Buffalo New York – Lighthouse Outer Harbour is a must-see!

Taary Moy

Taary Moy is a Hairstylist and Makeup artist based in Los Angeles. Taary pays excellent attention to details in her craft. Inspired by the things and people around her, Taary brings your visions to life. Her work includes beauty, fashion, editorial, commercial, red carpet, celebrities, lifestyle, and bridal. The clean, uncluttered design of her website, allows featured images to shine through.

Devang Singh

Devang Singh is a Photographer and Filmmaker. He runs Studio Fry- a multidisciplinary design studio caters to visual communication requirements. He has over 40 years of work experience with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to NGO’s, and Hollywood blockbusters to Independent artists.
The simple, minimalist portfolio design focuses all attention on imagery in a colorful square grid. The site navigation is simple and allows the user to browse the site.

Monica Gallagher

Monica Gallagher is a young photographer based in Chicago. She loves capturing the world through portraits, concerts, and everything in between. The layout and visual treatment throughout the website emphasize Gallagher’s extensive portfolio. The simple sidebar navigation allows viewers to preview the images and videos.

Gath Productions

Founded in 2015, Gath Productions is a collective of Independent Filmmakers and Photographers, working in every sector of Digital Media Content Production. The projects range from television commercials, music videos, corporate videos, pre-wedding cinematic shoots. The impressive full layout allows for streaming of videos to showcase their extensive work across digital media.


Halden is an award-winning photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. His work has appeared in renowned publications like TIME, News Week, Paris Match, to name a few. The website is designed with a minimalist layout, with images doing the talking. Stunning shots on the home page catch one’s attention, as do the breathtaking travel photos. Halden has separate categories on his Published Work, Photo Essays and Singles- portraits of celebrities from around the world.

Kiran Aditya

Based in Bangalore, Kiran Aditya is known for his signature use of color and compositions. His images evoke a timeless quality. His website has a clean layout that gives it a contemporary feel. The spotlight is on his portfolio of work – advertising, family, documentary, videos, and coffee table books.

Insy Chengappa

A clean, straightforward design that showcases Insy Chengappa’s repertoire of food photography and styling. Based in Dubai, Insy’s website is eye-catching with a beautifully illustrated video on the Home page. The website is easy to navigate with links to Food Photography, videos, and work done for restaurants. There is also a link on the main menu to her past work in Lifestyle and Models. Her contact information is mentioned, along with links to her social media channels.


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