15 Stunning Architect Portfolio Websites You Need To See

Boaz Eapen - Author Boaz Eapen on May 17, 2019

Whether you are an established architect or an emerging interior designer, you must create a professional portfolio website that showcases your work and profile. Your architecture portfolio website is key to gaining new clients and growing your business.  The role of an effective architecture portfolio website is to first and foremost showcase your range of work through past and ongoing projects. Also, it should also present your vision for the future work you want to do, your profile, philosophy, and client list in a well-rounded manner.

Showcasing your work online through a well-made portfolio website is essential even for students of architecture and interior design. Your student architecture portfolio website will help you apply for higher studies, internships, jobs, and also if you are planning to start your design practice. As you grow professionally, the role of your architecture portfolio website in helping you gain new clients becomes increasingly important. It acts as your gateway to the world and the first interface between you and most potential clients. Hence, it's essential that your architecture and interior design portfolio website is designed to complement and showcase your work clearly without being distracting.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind while designing your architecture portfolio website:

Curate your portfolio well:  

Focus on showing your best work without being repetitive. Structure your work in carefully curated categories that show the entire range of your portfolio. You might be tempted to add all the different projects and services you offer in your online portfolio website. However, make sure that you only pick the most relevant projects will reduce the clutter and give a good first impression.

Provide a narrative for each project:

Tell the backstory of each project in your portfolio. Highlight the client brief, the project scope, the challenges, and your solution in a clearly structured, lucid manner. Elaborate on how the end product was a well-considered response to the project demands.

Share your thought process:

To the extent possible, share your thought process on how you approached the projects that you have worked on. Explain your design philosophy and the factors that guide you in your design, execution, and management process of any project. Adding such insights will give a personal touch to your portfolio.

Be Concise:

Don't fill your portfolio with unnecessary information. Keep it to the point and relevant. Add a fact sheet in each of the projects. Make sure that the presentation of your portfolio is consistent and creative.

Present your work visually:

The visuals that you present to showcase your work must be of the highest quality. Invest time in creating good quality architecture photography for your projects. Supplement the project imagery with 3D model images, illustrations, and plans that you would have created for the project.; Try to differentiate the graphics of each project, so that the interest of the viewer remains throughout the portfolio. Keep in mind that if the graphics of the projects are too different, a reader may take more time to figure out what it means. Include some original sketches also in your portfolio as it is an essential part of the job.

Share your profile:

Adding your resume will give the clients the information they need to trust your skills and expertise. To go one step further, you can add your work which has been published in any media or have won some award. And you can show the names of the best clients you have worked with.

Choose the right platform:

A right platform to build your architect portfolio website should have all the tools necessary to achieve your goals. These tools include customizable, professional, and responsive architect website templates, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder,  different gallery and image showcase options, SEO capabilities, etc.

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Looking for inspiration to create your architect portfolio website?

We have put together a list of some of the best architecture portfolio examples that will help you:

1. Made Studio for Architecture and Design

Made Studio works in industrial design and architecture. Their firm has won the Red Dot Design Awards and the Delta Awards among many others. They were also the nominee of German Design Awards in 2017 and 2018. They showcase full-screen images on the home screen, and the individual categories display a square image format with white spaces in between. Another feature of their website is that they have given the option to display in two languages. The modern fonts are aligning with their work. The minimal use of colors on the website helps you focus on the main content rather than getting distracted.

Pixpa theme: Wonder

2. Catalyst Architects:

 Catalyst Architects focuses on its services as a “hands-on process.” They listen to the needs of the clients and build accordingly. They value good relationships with their clients more than awards and accolades. Their architecture portfolio page displays their best work in square thumbnails, which opens in a large format when clicked. These images can then be displayed on a full screen by the viewer if desired. Catalysts architects have chosen to display more than 200 images on their portfolio page. Instead of presenting work in multiple categories, they have chosen to show their best work in one place.

Pixpa theme: Dawn

3. Christopher Stoll

An experienced architect and interior designer who has worked in the US and UK. He was fascinated with urban environment and architecture since his visit to Washington DC in his childhood. The architecture portfolio website of Christopher displays a large image as a slideshow on the website’s homepage. The menu is divided into different categories of his work, which showcases each project separately with the option to view images under each project. The organization of information in this website is quite impressive.  

Pixpa theme: Polaris

4. Ntchwaidumela H. Thomas

Belonging to Atlanta, Ntchwaidumela wants to make an impact on people’s lives through architecture. He has done his Masters from North Carolina State University and has worked in Prague, Czech Republic, and other countries during his studies. In his architecture portfolio website, Thomas has made use of two menu which is displayed side by side in subtle grey color. He has also added a blog and resume to the menu, which gives further information about him.

Pixpa theme: Polaris

5. Germaine

Germaine has done her masters in architecture from the National University of Singapore. She is an architectural designer and someone who enjoys different cultures of the world. Her website is a combination of her architecture portfolio and her travel guides. The display of large images with minimal text on top of them, which links to different pages is the most distinct feature of her website.  

Pixpa theme: Front

6. Jacek Slotala

Jacek’s architecture portfolio website features a side menu, and the portfolio images are displayed on the home page itself. The viewer can go into the specific projects right from the home page.

Pixpa theme: Metro

7. Pro Tza:

 Pro Tza is an architecture and interior design studio based in Poland. Their website displays the portfolio section on the homepage. These are shown in square thumbnails, which can be further opened into a separate page with large images and project details. Their minimal approach can be seen in their logo and a single option menu as well.

Pixpa theme: Symphony

8. Duignan Dooley

Duignan Dooley is an architect and planning consultants based in Dublin. They have a strong team of architects with many years of experience. Their homepage displays a slideshow and also has the best projects which help to get an overall idea of the company in the first glance.

Pixpa theme: Halo

9. Lemaire Longeval Architects

Lemaire Longeval is a Belgium based firm.  They have presented their projects beautifully in a vertical layout.

Pixpa theme: Nova

10. Arkitekthanneforsund

Arkitekthanneforsund has displayed its architecture portfolio website in a black background with the images in a horizontal layout with arrows. The categories are appropriately divided into the menu on the right. Such a design helps the viewer to have their focus directly on the main areas like the project gallery.

Pixpa theme: Bloom

11. Happytat

Meike Rehder is an architecture photographer whose background as a photographer helps her to find out and show the story behind the spaces. As an architect and a photographer, she can look from the perspective of both and display her images with more meaning.

Pixpa theme: Upstart

12: Kim Smith

An interior designer turned photographer makes use of large slideshows to display the images in her online portfolio. She is involved in photographing interiors, food, and furniture mainly.

Pixpa theme: Ranger

13. Gavigan and Gruppo

Nicole and Danielle led the Gavigan and Gruppo firm. They believe in creating beautiful spaces and which are enhanced by high-quality furnishings. Their interior portfolio website has a separate page which showcases their images on Instagram. Integrating social media directly into the site is a great way for viewers to see the feed in the site itself.

Pixpa theme: Affinity

14. Night Palm Studio

Night Palm Studio is run by interior stylist and creative director Tiffany Howell. Tiffany believes that interior design has to be purposeful and soulful, along with being aesthetically pleasing.

Pixpa theme: Base

15. Lisa Calleit Bois Design

Lisa Calleit Bois Design is involved in the interior design of commercial and residential projects. Lisa is inspired by travel, nature, and eco-friendly products, among others. Her website features a creative logo, and her interior design portfolio page displays the images in a large square layout. To create an interior design portfolio layout, check out her website.

Pixpa theme: Nebula

These examples shown above teaches a lot of things from what kind of layouts to use, what information to give, and how to keep the clients engaged. Learn from them and make an architecture portfolio online and create an amazing interior design portfolio.


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