32 Outstanding Wedding Photographer Websites For Inspiration

Gurpreet Singh - Author Gurpreet Singh on May 27, 2019

Weddings have now become larger-than-life affair with couples going to great lengths to make their wedding a day to remember. As a result, wedding photography business is booming. Good wedding photographers are much sought after and booked months in advance. No wonder more and more photographers are now asking the question - how to become a wedding photographer.

How to become a wedding photographer?

Wedding photographers need out-of-the-box ideas, presence-of-mind, execution experience and an innate knack of taking wedding shots which will capture memories to last a lifetime.

Given the importance of wedding photography, couples are investing a lot of time in choosing a wedding photographer to capture the true essence of their big day. In most cases, couples decide by reviewing several wedding photography portfolios before finalizing their choice. Wedding photography websites are crucial for photographers looking to impress clients and get business.

Your wedding photography portfolio website needs to go beyond just showcasing your talent and wedding portfolio. It also needs to showcase who you are as a person and how you approach your work. It's important to invest care and attention to each detail of your photography portfolio website - the images that you choose should tell a story, the website should be easy to access and navigate and most importantly, it should project the unique vision that you would bring to a wedding assignment.

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We have put together a carefully selected list of wedding photography websites for you to get inspiration and ideas for your wedding photography and tips on how to design your wedding portfolio website.

Here are the best 32 wedding photographer websites for your inspiration

  1. Nicole Davidson

Nicole Davidson is a wedding photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Her wedding portfolio website features a beautifully designed homepage that sets it a class apart. The home page sets the tone of the website by focusing on Nicole as a person and her passion for creating unique, everlasting memories through her wedding photography.

Extra points:
Nicole maintains a friendly, intimate tone throughout her website - something that would appeal to potential clients looking at finding a wedding photographer who would share their vision in capturing their most special days.

2. Scenic Vows

Brian Holstein and Becky Haskell run the Scenic Vows. Brain is the lead photographer who graduated from Rocky Mountain School of Photography. They provide adventure elopements and Intimate wedding photography services. The wedding photography website features more text description that you can see in other portfolios, which is quite relevant as they provide a niche service in wedding photography.

3. Amy Booker 

Amy Booker's wedding photography portfolio is a visual delight. With large, full-screen images and handwritten fonts for typography, her website looks fun and fresh.
Amy's hand-drawn logo really stands out and adds a lot of personality and character to her website.

4. Tia Fennelly

Tia Fennelly is based East Coast Canada and describes her wedding photography style as Artistic Documentary. Tia is a natural light photographer, and her images have an organic, beautiful quality that's rare to find.

5. Ryan Hirschberg

Ryan Hirschberg believes in capturing beautiful details, emotions, and interactions as they happen naturally. His clean and minimalist wedding photography portfolio website presents selected wedding photo stories to showcase his work.

Tip: Showcasing a complete wedding as a photo story is a great way of showcasing your wedding portfolio as it gives an idea as to how you would cover a complete wedding.   

6. Jenn Price

Jenn Price's photography portfolio website benefits from being direct and straightforward. Jenn showcases her work, presents the required information, includes the wedding photography packages, and tells her story through her minimal, clean portfolio website.

7. Shanna True Photography

Shanna is passionate about photography since childhood. She loves to capture emotions and moments that you can cherish. Her online wedding portfolio showcases her work in neat, horizontal galleries. Check her portfolio to get wedding portfolio ideas.

8. Mateusz Sawicki

Mateusz is a passionate photographer who loves photographing people. He looks for good light and unusual ways to compose a photograph. Apart from doing wedding photography, he likes doing portrait sessions also. He displays his work through Pixpa, which is the best photography website builder to build your portfolio.

9. Maciej Bogusz

Maciej Bogusz is a photographer based in Costa Rica. His photography portfolio website showcases his range of work that has an intimate, personal feel to it.

10. Chasing Light Fotography

Chasing Light Fotography showcases the work of photographer duo - started Ankush Dewesar and Ekatmata. The Delhi-based husband and wife team bring a photojournalistic style to their wedding photography work - the camera is almost not there as they capture images from their unique perspective.

11. Sameen Photography

Sameen likes to capture photography in its true essence. He calls himself a perfectionist and is looking to find a balance between being creative and documenting the event. Sameen uses Pixpa's dark theme and uses Instagram's integration feature to show his photos from Instagram on the website.

12. Foto Walle

Indian weddings are vibrant at every moment throughout the occasion. Guests and kids are seen prancing all over the wedding venue, this essence of Indian weddings is visible in Kanupriya Aurora's, an Indian wedding photographer, photographs on her wedding photography portfolio.

Extra points: The yellow hue in Fotowalle’s logo pops out against the white background of its wedding photography portfolio that effortlessly brings forth the inherent vibrancy of lush Indian weddings.

Frank Bautista

Frank Bautista is a California-based wedding photographer. His save-the-date and engagement pictures look straight out of a fashion magazine giving hints of his knack for editorial photography.

Extra points: Frank’s wedding photography portfolio has a dedicated blog that he uses to promote his business.

14. Biletska Photo

Zhanna Biletska is a Ukranian born photographer who is pursuing photography in the USA. She likes to take photographs in soft golden light as it gives the romantic feeling to the photos she is looking for. The pictures in her wedding photography website reflect her style and are appropriately organized into various categories.

15. Brianna Marie

Brianna Marie's photography style is personal and intimate, and her photography portfolio website reflects that beautifully with its pastel, subdued hues and a friendly, informal vibe.

16. Papaya Wedding

Papaya Wedding is the wedding photography portfolio of Maciej Bogusz. Originally from Poland, Maciej has made Costa Rica his second home and his wedding photography work reflects the Costa Rican culture and vibe.

17. Aphoto

Allan Gallaugher's photography website showcases his portfolio through a neatly structured website that uses large-format grids to showcase his work beautifully.

18. Nokatoa

Nokatoa comes from a film & media family. That influence has made her focus on Wedding Cinematography along with photography, capturing and creating the magic of weddings through both images and video.

19. Shanoah Photos

Shanoah graduated in 2008 with an Associate of Arts degree in Professional Photography and has since been following her passion for photography. Her portfolio website showcases her photography portfolio beautifully and also provides all the information (about wedding packages, prices, etc.) that a potential client would need.

20. Atul Pratap Chauhan

Conde Nast Traveller’s ‘one of the five dream wedding photographers’, Atul Pratap Chauhan, has dabbled in food and hotel photography as an editorial photographer, but his photography skills as a wedding photographer show that he can pull off any genre of photography with just as much ease! Extra points: A vivacious Indian bride’s photograph on Atul’s wedding photography portfolio instantly captures a visitor’s attention.

21. David Pullen

Photographer, David Pullen showcases his wedding photography portfolio through a structured and straightforward square grid that presents his work at a glance, while allowing users to click through to see larger images. David's website also includes featured weddings, the pricing packages, and a blog.

22. Photo Tantra

One of Vogue's top picks for wedding photography in India and Conde Nast Traveller's dream wedding photographer, Photo Tantra is managed by Vinayak Das & Snigdha Sheel. This husband-wife duo photographer is also the proud wedding photographer of Kunal Nayyar (of the Big Bang Theory fame) and his now wife, Neha Singh. As told by them, their wedding photographs carry a mix of photojournalistic and glamour photography style. Extra points: The homepage of Photo Tantra's wedding photography portfolio looks like a wedding magazine with its high-resolution pictures compelling visitors on the website to scroll down to the end. The story of Photo Tantra's beginning in the 'about me' section of the portfolio is lyrical builds a connection with a visitor almost instantly! All that makes it one of the best wedding photography websites out there.  

23. Amanda Rueter Photography

Amanda is a photographer from Minnesota, who is doing professional photography from around ten years. She believes in telling stories through her photographs. She displays her wedding portfolio page through a beautiful landing page and the images in a slider format.

24. Abhit Jhanji

Photographer, Abhit Jhanji is based in New Delhi, India. Abhit's portfolio website uses a dynamic and vibrant grid for his homepage, mixing and merging both black-and-white and color images to showcase his diverse portfolio.

25. Sanna Vihervuori

Photographer, Sanna Vihervuori is based in Espoo, Finland. She presents her photography portfolio through a dynamic grid on the home page that showcases her range and diversity of work. Visitors can click through to see the detailed, bigger images. Extra points: Sanna has a detailed pricing page on her wedding photography website that clearly describes all the wedding pricing packages and the deliverables and scope of each one of them.

26. Mariana Jerez Photography

Mariana likes to capture natural and straightforward photographs, and to capture the natural moment; she gets involved in the daily lives of people. She finds happiness when she has captured the essence of a person in her photograph. Apart from wedding photography, she is involved in children photography, event photography, and more. Her online portfolio displays the galleries in different layouts given by Pixpa to display the images in a visually appealing manner.

27. Delaina Marie Photography

Delaine is from New Orleans, LA. She has done her bachelors in arts and is passionate about photography. She feels the need to do work that is creatively fulfilling. Her online wedding portfolio displays her high-key photographs in a square shape layout.

28. Avantika Meattle Photography

From doing publicity stills in the film industry, Avantika is now focusing on wedding and portrait photography. She finds joy in creating memories through photography, which are meaningful. Check her photography portfolio to see her best wedding photographs. 

29. The Beatific Lens

Meg runs the Beatific Lens photography business. She got interested in her photography journey when she was five. Her desire to tell a story of love, growth, and passion brought her to  Oregon, and she desires to capture emotions that will last more than a lifetime.

30. Innocent Eye Photography

Karolina and Lukasz are a husband and wife team who runs the Innocent Eye Photography business. Although they have different tastes and opinions, they keep the end goal in mind and reach on the same. They live in Somerset and offers destination photography service. Their wedding portfolio displays captivating images in a vertical scroll format making it one of the best wedding photography websites.

31. Robinson Porter Photography

Kristen Robinson and Stef Porter lives in Rockland and run a wedding photography business together. Robinson has done her B.A. Their wedding portfolio displays the images in the vertical layout and makes use of Pixpa's galleries layout elegantly.

32. Kathryn Anne Photography

 Kathryn is based out of Somerset, UK. She is an enthusiastic photographer who loves bonding with people. She focuses on bringing out the genuine emotion in the person whom she is photographing.

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Need more inspiration? Have a look at more examples of great wedding photographer websites.

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